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adopting new dog

  1. Adopting Male Dog

    General Dog Forum
    I already have a 5 month old Female Chihuahua puppy. Has all her shots and will be spayed next month. I'm considering adopting a Male dog soon. He is a 6-7 month old Pit Bull/Chow Chow mix. Would I have to worry about him coming in and marking his territory inside my apartment?
  2. Looking to adopt soon

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm looking to adopt a 5 month old Chow Chow/APBT pup and had a few questions. It is a male and I am concerned that he will begin marking his territory inside the house. He is about 35 pounds and is not fixed. I recently had two chihuahua puppies (one male and one female) that I had to get rid...
  3. I may have found a second dog

    General Dog Forum
    It's a lazy Saturday and all I have on plate really is to clean the house. Since I rather enjoy housecleaning I decided I would go to the Humane Society so I could get out of this chore. Our local shelter is kind of consolidated with the local animal control. Animal Control handles all the...