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  1. Why does my dog breath heavily so often?

    Dog Health Questions
    My golden retriever, he is approximately 13 years old, is in alright shape. He is not overweight. He is average stature. But for some reason he breaths heavily often. Even when not doing physical activity he will breath heavily. As in he could be just walking about the house & then all of a...
  2. Dog Foaming during Activity.

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a chihuahua terrier approx 40 pounds and two years old. Yes he is considered overweight for his age/size/breed. I took him out for the first time at a doggy park and it was kind of hot and he started salivating and foaming excessively at the mouth. He has just gotten his rabies shot last...
  3. Questions about post-spay....?

    General Dog Forum
    Ok. Fidget was spayed Wednesday the 9th. LOL poor thing hates this e-collar. I was told that she has to wear it for a week to ten days but was wondering what should be done after that...because I know she is the type of dog that will immediately try licking the incision (which is not stitched...