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acting weird

  1. My dog is acting weird after removing the cone

    General Dog Forum
    My dog had a lick garnoluma in his arm, and it has been taking a long time to heal. The vet put a cone on him - it's been 2 months now with the cone, and he got used to it, no weird acting. Yesterday, I took the cone off... and right there, I could tell he was acting wrong. I know my dog...
  2. Got My Dog Shaved and Now He Won't Touch the Floor

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a small Maltese, about 10 pounds and 1.5 years old. I just got him shaved down because he had a small amount of hair mats. And now he's acting a little strange. Before, he would love to run around the house and play with his toys. And now, all he does is lay in his beds and sleep. The...