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  1. Puppy biting and seperation anxiety

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone - first time poster here. We recently adopted a kelpie x ACD from a shelter at 8 weeks. He's very clever and was able to pick up basic commands like sit, down, stay, lie and spin very easily. He's very confident and friendly with people and other dogs. He is now 13 weeks old. He is...
  2. Cosmo the cattle dog pup

    Dog Pictures Forum
    My family recently added a Australian Cattle Dog pup to the household, and I thought I'd create a thread to document our adventures. (Adoption day) I adopted Cosmo from the local SPCA on 10/26 at the age of 3.5 months. She was brought up to our area from a high kill shelter in Mississippi. I...
  3. Ottawa Valley Herders

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Hi guys! I'm looking to take some herding lessons. we are in the ottawa valley area and are happy to do a bit of driving for the right opportunity. Anyone know anyone?
  4. Life with my rescued ACD

    Dog Training Forum
    Hank is a doll. He is just so sweet, docile, and easy going. He's got his quirks, but I love him for each one. He was left tied up outside a shelter and ACDs around here are usually put down. A foster took him in, but even then he wasn't in the best conditions. I thought I was crazy for adopting...
  5. Falling for my ACD rescue

    Attention All New Members
    We recently moved (again) and I work at home alone. My corgi mutt rescue was bummed. I was bummed. We both moped around the house while our family went about their new lives. As my birthday came about I started looking for a new pup to bring home to Max and me. Not to say that we couldn't...
  6. Barsky photo dump

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I'm sure some of you are gettin' some Red Heeler cravings by now, amirite? Barsky playing with his westie friend Watson. Barsky loves all little white fluffy dogs. Sad for him, they are a genus of dog I don't intend to own. Barsky loves his pool. I would like to say that this is Barsky...
  7. The North American Swamp Dog

    Dog Pictures Forum
    ... New breed. There is only one and I own him. A noble breed with a predisposed tendency towards sillyness, they are most at home in the Great Black Swamp, where they hunt for bugs and sticks in the bogs and marshes. A dependable and loyal breed with no consideration for personal space...
  8. ACD mix Rushing, and leash behavior.

    Dog Training Forum
    I was curious for any ideas for a couple issues I have going on with my dogs. For some backround I have a 2 y/oACD mix,pepper, who in her head is ALL ACD. Got her from an undesirable situation at about 3mos. She was very fearful for awhile. She has very strong herding instincts and is extremely...
  9. Australian Cattle Dog - Georgia

    Dog Rescue Forum
    A friend of mine is fostering this 2 year old male Australian Cattle Dog, if anyone is looking to adopt in the coastal GA/low country SC area. :)
  10. Looking for my first dog (preferably an Australian Cattle Dog)

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, I'm looking for my first own dog since having several as a child (Thai Ridgebacks when growing up in Thailand. In the UK, we mainly had rescued eldery dogs. We had a Golden Retriever, Jack Russel and a mixed puppy between a golden retriever and I think a Newfoundland or a...
  11. australian cattle dog vs border collie

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I want a BC but my hubby wants a Acd it's just the two of us and I'm looking at getting a dog to train for dog sports and one day to oppen my own dog school and the dog might mascot I have a large yard and I live in syd NSW Aust, I only work part time he works full time 5-7days a week my...
  12. Cattle dog smiles are the best.

    Dog Pictures Forum
    We had a BBQ for ourselves (Sudden 85 degree day in April? Of course we had a BBQ!) Before running my meat through the grinder, I cut off all the imperfect bits, tossed them in the blender with some cheese, carrot, peas, oats, peanut flour, brown rice flour, and egg. Had fun drawing with food...
  13. Too cold to walk a 7 y/o ACD female?

    Dog Training Forum
    How cold is too cold? I recently have been walking my 7 year old female ACD at night around midnight because it's usually the last thing I do before I got to bed. Now, my dad argues that the cold temperature is not good for her. So I am wondering what is a decent temperature for her. She...
  14. Doggie DNA Test

    General Dog Forum
    Well, I decided to go ahead and do it. Ordered the test, then took Betty in to get her blood draw this morning at the vet, now to wait for the results. Will let you know how it turns out. Here's the test we did..... http://www.wisdompanel.com/ It's the only one I could find where they had...