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accidents in house

  1. Help with Adult Dog House Accidents

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone.. I have a 3 year old LH weimaraner. She is a great dog except she still has accidents in the house but only at night. The problem is that she has NEVER whined, even when she was a puppy. My husband and I don't know how to get her to let us know she has to go out at night. Our...
  2. Dog Accident in house

    General Dog Forum
    My dog has been house trained since we had her for a week, she even rings the bells at the back door to go out. She is allowed to walk around our first floor when no one is home and never had an accident. I can't remember if she's ever even went in the house. Last night we went upstairs at...
  3. Working on potty training and accidents

    Dog Training Forum
    I seem to have forgotten the tips and tricks over the years. :( Charlie is getting better about house training in that she will start to sniff around, go out with the other dogs or walk over to the kitchen to let us know she needs to go out. Lots of praise when she does go pee and poop. We do...
  4. Pee Puddle Mystery: Cat or Dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    I just picked up Cobber at daycare and took him home. When we got inside our house, he actually pointed out to me that there was a pee puddle in the front hallway. What I don't know is which pet produced it. Background: we just moved into this house earlier this week. So all my pets (3 cats, 1...
  5. House Breaking

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi All. Long story short, my mother-in-law just bought a new puppy about 6 weeks ago. She doesn't really have the time needed to raise the puppy correctly, so my wife and I will now be taking over for the time being to get him properly house-broken as well as other important things. My worry is...
  6. Potty training help!

    Dog Training Forum
    We just adopted an 18 month old black lab from the humane society this past weekend. They told us she was potty trained. She did fine the first two days, no accidents or anything. Yesterday and today, she has had two accidents, one each day. The first one was probably because it had been a while...
  7. Dogs peeing indoors

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey guys! This is a question my uncle sent me on Facebook: "I have a problem and was wondering if you could give me some advice.? I'm staying at my niece's house with eight people and three dogs. A Pitt, Pitt mix, and a Pug. My problem is, said dogs tend to pee in the house. sometimes after...
  8. House Training Frustration!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello! I am new to puppies and dog forums so allow me to introduce myself... My name is Madison! I am the proud mommy of a beautiful sweetie pie named Bear. He is an 11 month old Rottie and I also have a cute little rescue named George that we just got back in April! Ive had Bear since he was...