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  1. Baxter! Training Issues?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi All, I am so glad I found this great forum. I adopted Baxter two weeks ago from Animal Control. When I first got him he had kennel cough, but was house trained! He never had an accident in his crate! In the past three days he has had numerous accidents (only pee); I am not sure if this is...
  2. Dog Got Bumped By Car

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all. An hour ago I left my home with three dogs, each being handled and by their owner, on harnesses. The youngest adopted one was very nervous and did not want to walk behind the other dogs. The oldest and smallest, calm but a very angry dog when it comes to other dogs. And my own dog, a...
  3. Hey all!

    Attention All New Members
    Hey all my name is Liam and I have a 8 month old Maltese/Shihtzu mix. for some reason I can't post in the health forum so not to post in the wrong section (I'm just concerned about my pup) but I had a question if anyone might be able to help... Why does my dog have accidents (usually when...
  4. Dogs peeing indoors

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey guys! This is a question my uncle sent me on Facebook: "I have a problem and was wondering if you could give me some advice.? I'm staying at my niece's house with eight people and three dogs. A Pitt, Pitt mix, and a Pug. My problem is, said dogs tend to pee in the house. sometimes after...
  5. Puppy fully house trained when I'm home, accidents when I leave, no SA

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I looked through a few threads and didn't find this exact problem, but I'm very sorry if it's a duplicate! I'm new to this forum. I have an 8 month old beagle/pointer mix that I've had for 5 months. She is perfect with potty training when we are home, barks by the door to go out, does her...
  6. Puppy Accidents

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I'm having an issue with my dog and I'm running out of ideas. She is an 11 month old Shih Tzu and she is having accidents in the house. Now there's more to it than that. In our house our family room is connected to our kitchen which is connected to our living room which leads upstairs...
  7. help with Chihuahua afraid of hardwood floors/stairs after accident?

    Dog Training Forum
    My two year old Chihuahua Lychan has recently developed a deep fear of hardwood floors and stairs. She only stays upstairs where there's carpet. The stairs themselves are carpeted too but she won't go down them. She used to run up and down the stairs and on the hard floors all the time. We have...