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    Hello all, So my gorgeous (Apologize for the bias in advance) one-year old medium goldendoodle Leia is in desperate need. She is about 32 pounds and needs to be 25-28. I am at an absolute loss as to what to really feed her. After combing through this fantastic forum, I have decided to settle...
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    My Whippet boy is 4 months old. He is currently on Acana Puppy & Junior, I would give him about 1 cup three times a day (morning, lunch, and dinner). I see different recommendations for how many cups a day he should receive, I was told a 4 month old whippet could eat up to 4 cups a day - but I...
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    Earlier this summer Levi weighed in at 16.1 lbs. His ideal weight is between 14.5 - 15 lbs. After a few months of trial and error I've finally on a plan that's working well for him and yesterday he weighed in at around 15.3-15.4 so I'm quite happy. Up until the attempted weight loss he use to...
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  11. Dog Food Forum
    WARNING! WALL OF TEXT! Levi has been on Acana for about a year. I feel like he does well on it. He eats the Chicken & Burbank Potato formula. His poops are firm, beautiful coat, good energy. What I have noticed is that he tends to be quite gassy (not a fast eater) and his eyes leak a fair...
  12. Dog Food Forum
    Hi All. A petshop owner told me that kibble with high protein is only for dogs that live in countries that have cold winters (snow etc) She told me that when I said I want to switch my dog from Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy to Acana Pacifica. She said that giving a dog who lives in a country with...
  13. Dog Food Forum
    Hello everyone! I am in the process of switching my 17 month old Dogo Argentino to Acana Pacifica http://www.acana.com/products/regionals/pacifica/ Is this an appropriate food for large breeds(calcium/phosphorus)? Will I need to give my boy any supplements? Thanks
  14. Dog Food Forum
    Hi Everyone! I am about to get a 4 month old Dogo Argentino puppy and after doing a little research in the local market(I live in Cyprus) I decided I would go with either Acana Wild Prairie or Acana Large Breed Puppy The differences I found is that the Large Breed Puppy has grain, but more...
  15. General Dog Forum
    Just got the sweetest collie puppy a month ago =) he is my pride and joy The breeder recommeded Nutrience, so we bought a huge bag of Nutrience all natural for large puppy... Our trainer recommended Acana the other day, since he is almost done his bag of Nutrience, I am slowly weaning off it...
  16. Dog Food Forum
    Hi everyone. I know that ACANA has recently reformulated a lot of their dog foods. Mine in particular is the adult small breed. I noticed that a decent amount of the ingredients in the food had changed as well as where they were located in the ingredient list, so to avoid digestive upset I mixed...
  17. Dog Food Forum
    We were using Natural Balance for the longest time because one of our dogs has food allergies, however with recent findings that even though it is made in the USA it still uses a rice protein or something from China. So after much research online we just made the switch to Acana Grassland. We...
  18. Dog Food Forum
    I am trying to find a supplier who carries Acana Small Breed Puppy and Acana Sport and Agility or suggestions for other kibble formulas that are similar. I have a small, mixed breed puppy who is about 4 months old and a 4 y/o Belgian Malinois. I would like to keep my pup on a high quality/fish...