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2 dogs

  1. 2 dogs — 1 eats too much, 1 doesn't eat enough

    Dog Training Forum
    We just recently adopted a rescue great pyrenees (Baker) and have an 8-month old great pyrenees at home (Chevy). They are both extremely mild mannered and calm males. They are full time outside dogs that never come inside. They have a big dog house and a workshop with covered front porch where...
  2. One dog shivers when the other one is near ... HELP!

    General Dog Forum
    I've had Blondie (cocker spaniel) for 10 years (she is 11.5). She was abused and abandoned when I adopted her from Sav-A-Life. With work she started opening up to other people and dogs. But she has been my only dog until I took in a stray JR Terrier X (Tango) in October 2008 (just a few...