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Australian Shepherd
10 weeks
Black Tri
We are having a real issue with our new puppy pooping in her crate while we are not home. She goes both poop and pee when she wakes up, then again about and hour and a half after eating her breakfast. Then into the crate where she soils fairly quickly. We are having NO issues at night time. She sleeps through the night about 6 hours with zero accidents. Could this be a stress/anxiety problem because we are leaving and she feels alone? I have followed every “crate training” advice I have read..making the crate smaller, covering it, etc. I cannot use puppy pads..as she tears them apart. I stopped putting her blanky or towels in bc she poops and uses them to cover it up. I’m not sure what else I can do? It’s not diarrhea..regular stool..but she’s either covering it up or mushing it so much into the crate I have to use a scraper to get it off..HELP


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