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  1. Canine DNA testing kits

    General Dog Forum
    Either Wisdom 4.0 or Embark are fine. I've tested multiple dogs with both tests and the results came out pretty much the same, the biggest difference being that Embark has Alaskan-type husky on their breed list and Embark doesn't, so the pumpkin pie puppies came back as half husky mix on Wisdom...
  2. Disproportion in size between dog and owner

    General Dog Forum
    Why on earth wouldn't positive reinforcement work with a hard dog? It might be harder to find a motivating reward for a hard dog, but that's a trainer issue not a method issue.
  3. Very sudden decline and lameness :(

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm so sorry to hear this, Canyx. Soro has always been one of my favorite dogs I "know" online.
  4. Rabies Vaccine Timing

    Dog Health Questions
    Ask your vet what age the vaccine they use is labeled for. I'm pretty sure the youngest for most rabies vaccines is around 12 weeks, though.
  5. Chester, the ever faithful. 2007-2018.

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Oh no, I'm so sorry Shell.
  6. And why Wouldn't I be Annoyed? <RANT>

    General Dog Forum
    If you hadn't been paying attention then you'd be oblivious and part of the problem, though. ;) I mean. People annoy the crap out of me all the time. Because they annoy me, it doesn't mean that their reactive dog needs punishment based training. Or that they're not trying. Or that they don't...
  7. Dog showing new aggressive behavior at dog parks

    General Dog Forum
    Having both your dogs there at once can change the dynamics significantly. I'd give it one more try with just one dog. Then if you still see the same behavior I'd stop going to the dog park. Some dogs just get less and less tolerant of other dogs' shenanigans as they mature and the park just...
  8. And why Wouldn't I be Annoyed? <RANT>

    General Dog Forum
    Yea, let's say this again for the people in the back. A truly reactive dog is not going to be fixed by some cheek grabbing and body blocking.
  9. Help With Anxiety-Ridden Dingo

    General Dog Forum
    We don't use tons of them but it's not rare either and I have very, very rarely seen side effects. The situational drugs are more likely IME/IMO because they can cause hyperexcitement instead of calming, but that's a very individual response - like, in a particular dog the drugs are either going...
  10. My mixed breed brindle puppy is still a mystery!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Sooooo many breeds can be or carry brindle - tons of hounds, working, toy breeds, bulldogs (in all senses of that word), some herders can carry it, even labradors. And ee dogs like golden retrievers can "hide" brindle and have it pop up in mixes. There is also a lot of interbreeding among some...
  11. In your experience, how accurate are feeding guidelines on packages?

    Dog Food Forum
    They're not for most dogs, IME/IMO. I'd be feeding Squash 5-6 cups a day and he'd be as big as my minivan if I followed them.
  12. +1 Alaskan Bulldog Household

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Thanks all! It will take some time and work to see if we can get to cat-safe, but I'm cautiously optimistic. In the meantime we're having fun and he's going to be a fantastic joring dog.
  13. Help With Anxiety-Ridden Dingo

    General Dog Forum
    Drugs don't teach a dog learned helplessness, but a shock collar might. Like a magic wand? This isn't a quick-fix problem, it's just not.
  14. Thoughts on saying "no"?

    General Dog Forum
    I'll add, though, like CptJack I rarely use it in training. I mostly use it in every day life, house manners kinda stuff. In actual training, if they offer the wrong thing? Depending on the context I might say nothing, I might give a cheerful "nope!" or "whoops!" or often "what can you do?" or...
  15. +1 Alaskan Bulldog Household

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Thanks! I'm hopeful it will be fine, Alaskans are usually pretty adaptable and I'm using some tried and true techniques tweaked on the advice of people experienced with bringing retired sled dogs into recreational joring homes so I think things will be ok. The transitions are always a bit of...
  16. Aversive Free only training May Kill Dogs

    Dog Training Forum
    Poor understanding of and incorrect application of aversive free only training may kill dogs. As soon as I see stuff like "try waving a cookie in front of his face when he's running after a deer" or "are you going to ignore him when he's biting you?" I know whoever is writing/speaking has that...
  17. +1 Alaskan Bulldog Household

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Long time, no see y'all. It's been quite a year. We lost our beloved old man Pip this summer. Maisy tore her second cruciate ligament and is just coming off the tail end of her recovery/rehab. And, we have a new addition that will hopefully be permanent (hinging on whether he can learn that...
  18. Cancer Support?

    Dog Health Questions
    I thought I'd update. Pip lived an incredibly long time (and really good quality time) after having his spleen out - just over six months. But inevitably, it caught up with him and we said goodbye in July. He was a really good dog and I miss him a lot.
  19. Cancer Support?

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm very sorry.
  20. A snapshot from your day.

    General Dog Forum
    Squash says screen time is over.
1-20 of 488 Results