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  1. Help me choose a dog breed

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    If you're not set on any particular breed and your requirements as far as exercise level, coat type, and temperament are fairly relaxed, I'd suggest checking out local shelters and rescues to see if any of their dogs look good to you. There are a lot of medium-sized breeds and mixes that could...
  2. ESA for Misophonia and Mild OCD

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Can't help you with the dog issue -- whether or not you think an ESA would help is something only you can decide -- but I suggest picking up a white noise machine to mask your roommate's annoying sounds. I use this one because I like a real fan noise instead of a digital noise (which can repeat...
  3. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    I like the look! Much more modern. It's nice that we just have to drop YouTube links into a post now instead of messing with BBCode. The new way of adding pictures will be easier for a lot of people, too. We had lots of questions about image hosting in the past. Everything seems to have...
  4. What's the name of this dog toy?

    General Dog Forum
    Looks like this one: https://breezypuppy.com/products/suction-pup-tug-toy
  5. Help. Need advice urgently for unstable 7 mo puppy.

    Dog Training Forum
    What's your breeder say about all this? Does she seem concerned?
  6. Help. Need advice urgently for unstable 7 mo puppy.

    Dog Training Forum
    Do you want to spend the next 12ish years with a dog that may never be safe around your own children and will almost certainly not be safe around their friends? If not, take the dog back. I agree, three days is not enough time for a dog to settle in and show its true personality, but this much...
  7. Should I try to curtail my neutered male peeing FREQUENTLY on walks

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Have you had him checked for a UTI? They're fairly common, and if a dog is peeing a lot, that's the first thing to check. If he's just marking, though, you could always try a belly band at night, or crate him (if the crate is just big enough for him to stand up and turn around, he won't want to...
  8. A disheartened vent about social media

    General Dog Forum
    Not Instagram (although she likely has one), but YouTuber Jenna Marbles recently got a rescue greyhound and she and her partner have been doing everything so right. She has a huge following, so it's great to see her talking about positive reinforcement, how dogs can't learn when over threshold...
  9. Large Protective Dog For Cold Climates

    General Dog Forum
    Go with the elkhound. It'll likely be good with the kids and will alert to any intruders, and the breed is known for hunting elk and moose. It's not a huge dog but it's 50-60lbs, big enough for the stuff you want.
  10. Need help with Possessive dog please

    Dog Training Forum
    Listen to Canyx. Punishing the dog for any of this will backfire. I get it. I have a fear biter. He will also run up behind people and nip their legs -- he doesn't have the confidence to bite them to their face, so he has to sneak up on them. I don't give him the opportunity. When I have...
  11. Seizures or something else?

    Dog Health Questions
    It did! The vet said everything looked really good, including her liver and kidneys; the only issues were slightly elevated total protein and globulin, which usually indicates some sort of inflammation. She figured this could be related to dental disease (Crystal has never had great teeth and...
  12. Seizures or something else?

    Dog Health Questions
    We saw the vet. Physically, everything's great with Crystal. No obvious disc issues, no knuckling (she flips her paws back immediately when the vet bends her toes under), no visible pain, strong heartbeat. The vet is thinking it's mini seizures where Crystal doesn't actually pass out. She took...
  13. Seizures or something else?

    Dog Health Questions
    So you can see what I mean: here she is today after her bath. (Ignore any calming signals; she's a highly sensitive dog and she throws those out constantly no matter what she's doing.) I had to stop her from running too much just in case this is physical and she triggers it again. I'll show this...
  14. Seizures or something else?

    Dog Health Questions
    She hasn't had any episodes the past two days. I will of course keep the appointment, but as of right now, she's normal; we've been able to sleep all night and she doesn't appear to be unhappy or in any pain.
  15. Seizures or something else?

    Dog Health Questions
    Yeah, I'm really hoping the tests will tell us something because I don't know how else we're going to narrow it down -- Crystal doesn't eat anything but her kibble and the occasional bite of cooked meat or cheese or carrot, and she's never left anywhere unsupervised where she could get into...
  16. Seizures or something else?

    Dog Health Questions
    First: We have a vet appointment set for Wednesday at 11 am. It's the earliest they could get us in unless it turns into an emergency situation. I've been communicating with the vet by email and she knows everything I've put in this thread. Okay. Crystal is an almost-13-year-old papillon with...
  17. I need a puppy that is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to grow up to look exactly like this pic

    Attention All New Members
    There's no way to absolutely guarantee what a puppy will grow up to look like, and adult personality can't be 100% guaranteed either. If you want a dog to be good with kids, you'll need to choose a pup from parents with good temperaments and then you'll need to socialize the pup, and that should...
  18. Have you changed kibble since the DCM scare?

    Dog Food Forum
    Vets I personally know and trust think that after the proper studies, these boutique foods will be found to cause diet-associated DCM, so yeah, I've switched. I'd rather be safe than sorry. The fact that my papillon, who was eating Zignature, collapsed while on a walk (a possible DCM symptom)...
  19. A Very Difficult Situation

    Attention All New Members
    Oh, that's wonderful news! Please make sure you get all the dogs' vet paperwork, microchip details, and any other documentation transferred into solely your name, just in case. It's good that the former owner made the decision to give them to you herself, but people can always change their...
  20. Hi from a new member likely to be quite unpopular here

    Attention All New Members
    I've heard from my vet friends and trainer friends that many of the doodles they've met have been crazy -- slow to mature, boisterous, high-energy. The coat can also be a big problem, easily matted and not always non-shedding. If you do go the doodle route, choose your breeder very carefully...
1-20 of 494 Results