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  1. Seriously need some help with this

    General Dog Forum
    A little more on the "Blocking/Claiming" technique. I use this blocking very often on our walks. We encounter many street and unleashed dogs. I will step in between my dog and the other dog to simply block. I don't say a word or make a sound. Often the other dog will attempt to side step...
  2. What are your thoughts on shock collar training?

    Dog Training Forum
    Lillith.....a question based on your statement. "......,but you better make darn sure you know what you're doing....." How would a person know? I am not able to know what I don't know. Because if I knew, then I would already know....... it is circular thinking. Either way....Shock collar...
  3. I have a wierdo dog......

    General Dog Forum
    My dog, Shadow, is so weird...... He knows the command "WC" to potty when we are on walks. Typical male dog will lift his leg to water as high as possible. This morning's walk he added a new wrinkle. A little background first. Yesterday was extremely hectic at work, I was exhausted. We did...
  4. Sore on upper thigh?

    Dog Health Questions
    Please update. Its been a week. Is healing progressing?
  5. How can I protect garden spotlights

    Dog Training Forum
    My first thoughts would be to reinstall the lights with all the wiring running inside PVC Tubing. The lights themselves can be caged with several methods, any method would require firm, deep anchor into the ground. The PVC should be buried at least 6-12 inches deep. Or erect a barrier to...
  6. What are your thoughts on shock collar training?

    Dog Training Forum
    66. Nice article. It really clarifies the use of Negative Punishment with Positive Reinforcement. It also clarifies the adverse and the potential impact on the pet.
  7. Puppy and long driveway question

    Dog Training Forum
    No, not a bad idea. Just one caveat. I assume you don't care about the length of the driveway, but are more concerned with the pup exiting the property into the street. You need to begin Boundary training. Another point to consider. Is the dog microchipped? If not, I suggest to use the...
  8. Seriously need some help with this

    General Dog Forum
    Unfortunately, this is a common behavior. How old is the dog? Puppies seem to be more prone to this behavior. This behavior is learned from the mother of the litter. The mother will consume the puppies waste to clean the whelp area and to eliminate the scent from predators. How often are...
  9. Recently Adopted Heeler - Food Journey

    Dog Food Forum
    Why did you switch off the Chicken & Rice? The dog is processing several things simultaneously. Antibiotics, pain meds, food, goat milk......... Try settling on a stable routine. Generally, steamed/boiled chicken breast with rice for a few days will settle digestion in turmoil. Then begin...
  10. Allergic to new puppy. Looking for advice or success stories

    General Dog Forum
    Ok....paint me with the confused brush. Your opening question states you are allergic to dogs. Now, you state your test for dog allergens is negative. You may be chasing the wrong allergy problem by focusing on the dog. Anyhow, a low shedding dog, frequent grooming and bathing will help...
  11. Looking for Recommendations for Night Walks

    General Dog Forum
    DS. LOL....yes, annoying and distracting will get the attention. I'd rather use reflective because then I wouldn't need to be concerned about battery charge. But, when the drivers run without lights.........reflective is useless.
  12. Looking for Recommendations for Night Walks

    General Dog Forum
    Its the time of year when the daylight hours are quickly diminishing in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Southern China, dark o'clock arrives at 18:00 (6:00 pm). When I get home from work and complete the daily quick tasks and after feeding Shadow, it is time for a walk in the dark. This is...
  13. ESA for Misophonia and Mild OCD

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Perhaps you should direct this to a forum which can offer suggestions for these types of issues. This forum is focused on pets, mostly dogs. How is Shakespeare?
  14. Narrowing down potential illness

    Dog Health Questions
    If your 1st Vet is perplexed and unable, then I'd suggest going to a 2nd Vet for another exam and evaluation. What was she doing before this behavior set in? Just a WAG......could be anything from parasites to ingested poison or foreign object
  15. Parkour fun (and two new titles)

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Congrats. Job well done. Leave it to the handler to handicap the dog........ :p just pullin' your leash a bit.
  16. How tall will this 4 month old Puppy get?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Then if that is your desire. I suggest you take a look at specific large breeds or know who the parents are of the pup. Otherwise, just roll the dice on a mix breed street dog.
  17. Meet Anubis The German Husky

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Pups are always a handful. That particular breed mix will have high energy and need a significant amount of play/exercise/brain work. In about 3 years, he will mellow a bit. Look for him to be your pawmate for 10+ years.
  18. How tall will this 4 month old Puppy get?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Go ahead and adopt. What is attracting you to this particular pup? I have doubts if you are terribly concerned about his adult size. Otherwise, you would be looking at known smaller breeds and not looking a mix.
  19. Glowing or light-up discs/balls?

    General Dog Forum
    Dogs have much better night vision than humans. You may just need to find a disc that whistles in flight to help the tracking. A dog is able to hear frequencies roughly 2X higher than humans.
  20. What are your thoughts on shock collar training?

    Dog Training Forum
    NO WAY in H377!!!!! Find another training facility. Pull your dog out of that immediately and throw away the shock collar. Too many studies have confirmed that adversive training has a long lasting negative impact. The first most crucial step in training, IMHO, is earning the dog's trust...
1-20 of 230 Results