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  1. The Vegetarianism/Veganism debate.

    Off Topic
    Quite frankly, I've never seen or heard of a vegan protest. For me, that makes little sense. As a whole I don't think of vegans as belligerent people who stage protests. Where I come from, they're more interested in staging farmers markets and vegan potlucks. Now I could definitely see AR...
  2. The Vegetarianism/Veganism debate.

    Off Topic
    What's November 1st? And so therefore it's ok to condemn them all? Stereotype much?
  3. The Vegetarianism/Veganism debate.

    Off Topic
    Actually there was. It wasn't from you, but if you read the thread, it's there a few times.
  4. Your biggest vet bill?

    General Dog Forum
    I've been *so* incredibly lucky in this department. Yesterday was Kit's 5th gotcha day. So far I've only dealt with routine checkups, vaccines, and parasite prevention. Almost unheard of, especially considering the relatively high-risk sports that we participate in.
  5. Your Dog Doing His Job

    General Dog Forum
    Disc Agility Bringing joy to unsuspecting victims.
  6. The Vegetarianism/Veganism debate.

    Off Topic
    Wait, WHAT??? Just no. I don't judge anyone for their choice. It's up to you entirely. Eat meat or don't, I don't care one way or the other. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous this statement is. You say you won't judge anyone unless they judge you first, but the first part of the...
  7. The Vegetarianism/Veganism debate.

    Off Topic
    I wanted to reply to JohnnyBandit in the previous thread (so I could quote), but since it's off topic there, I'll do it here... I think you really need to be careful about labels. IMO the people who destroy property in the name of animal rights should not be called vegans. Some of them might...
  8. Vegetarianism/Veganism: Staying "on the wagon"

    Off Topic
    Just as blueduck's comment assumes that vegetarians do it because it's trendy, this comment is equally off the mark. SOME vegetarians care about animal rights, others don't. There's a whole bunch of valid reasons for vegetarian/veganism, only one of which is to prevent the slaughter of animals...
  9. Planning for a new dog. Good breeds for me?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    In my experience, dedication is all it really takes. I wouldn't be too scared of owning a corgi as a first dog if your lifestyle is suitable for that breed. If you're dedicated to meeting the dog's needs and to training it well, then nothing will stop you. My first dog is a high drive border...
  10. How many fur babies

    Other Pets
    Just one dog. At some point I'll add another dog, but I want to be fully settled before that happens.
  11. So thoughts on a breed

    Attention All New Members
    Just so you know, you may be trading one set of issues (eye and breathing problems) for another. Goldens are super common in the US, but their effective population size is actually pretty small (meaning they're all pretty closely related). That means that there's a lot of inbreeding, and the...
  12. 4health dog food at TSC

    Dog Food Forum
    Good to know. I was thinking of using the grain-inclusive foods (either chicken or lamb). I also found online that there's a high performance formula, but my store didn't have that (at least not in stock today).
  13. 4health dog food at TSC

    Dog Food Forum
    I realize this thread is outdated, but if anyone is feeding 4Health and would like to provide some feedback, I'd appreciate that. I recently moved and have to switch foods because the one I was feeding is not available here. I found a Tractor Supply today and went in to look at foods. I found...
  14. Grooming help- straightening her hair

    Dog Grooming Forum
    This is the second time recently that I've seen someone on DF say it's not good to let a dog air dry. For the life of me I can't figure out why. Someone please explain. Even if she's just swimming in a pond (i.e. dirty water, not a bath), Kit is always super-duper soft after she gets wet and dries.
  15. What are your pet peeves......

    General Dog Forum
    Not all dogs need to be brushed. I hate brushing and will grudgingly do it a couple of times a year (usually after a bath and to keep the shedding to a minimum). Despite this, my dog has zero mats, her coat is gorgeous, and people are always telling me how soft she is.
  16. Weight loss tips

    General Dog Forum
    A vet once told me Kit had the muscle mass of a pit bull - LOL. Her muscles (and mine) come from climbing mountains and playing sports:
  17. What's your dog's "title"? ;)

    General Dog Forum
    Kit is the "half-baked half-breed". Makes people laugh every time. I've also been known to use "kitastrophe".
  18. house training when its cold out

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Don't forget tons of treats as soon as she's done pottying. I kept the treats by the door, so that as soon as my dog was done pottying, she would come racing in for her treat. I now have the fastest pottier anywhere.
  19. My mom and my weight

    Off Topic
    This!!! I believe that beauty is on the inside, not the outside. That said, obesity is a very dangerous condition and will almost certainly diminish the quality of your life, not to mention the years that you will lose. Your mom just wants what's best for you.
1-20 of 482 Results