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  1. Well Ain't This Peachy

    General Dog Forum
    This happens to me with my neighbor's boxer, too. For some reason if his saliva touches my skin I break out. Whenever it does, I immediately wash the area with cool water and dish soap. If you have Windex, that works too, provided you rinse it off immediately.
  2. All I Want to do is Play Fetch!

    Dog Training Forum
    I have the exact opposite problem. We can't have toys in the house because saying Colby is obsessed with toys is the understatement of the century. At times I wish I could turn off that drive. Anyway, where are you looking when asking her to engage with the toy? Make sure you're not staring at...
  3. The Nosework Thread

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Absolutely love nosework. Colby completed Levels 1 and 2. Ace is in level 1 now. Here is one of Ace's runs: Here's Cooper (my parents' dog) finding a hide:
  4. Spring is here!....and so are photos!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Oh, goodness. What a beautiful dog!!
  5. Temperature for swimming?

    General Dog Forum
    We took ours swimming a couple weekends ago. Air temps were were in the mid-sixties, but the water was probably about 50-55°F. Entirely too cold for me to swim, but the dogs were fine. Colby's been in water that is partially frozen on the top. She's completely obsessed with swimming. I don't let...
  6. Anyone succeeded in reducing how much your dog sheds?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I use a slicker brush on Colby. We use a comb on Ace. Frequent brushing is the only thing that makes a big difference. Both dogs also get an Omega 3 supplement in the spring/summer which is not only supposed to help with allergies, but with shedding as well. I've never actually calculated the...
  7. missed April's heartworm meds

    Dog Health Questions
    It can take 6 to 7 months for the worm larvae to mature into adults living in the heart and Keechak is right that there aren't any tests that can diagnose it before then. Your profile says you live in CA and I have no idea what the weather is like in April. In order for the worms to develop in...
  8. The typical, "Oh, he's friendly!" GAH!

    General Dog Forum
    People really can be so stupid. I was at the pet store the other day (sans-dogs) and there was a young pit who was SUPER friendly and was greeting all the other dogs in the store very rudely. I saw it play bow and bop a senior dog right in the face!!!! The person holding the leash just thought...
  9. Rough Morning at the Vet :(

    General Dog Forum
    You're on the right track. I'm a coach at a reactive class and we preach a lot of confidence building and calming. Look into T-Touch (like thundershirts) and body wraps. I'd also suggest you continue with obedience and Schutzhund. If you can find a nose/scent work class DO IT. Continue with...
  10. What did I do wrong? How do I fix this?

    Attention All New Members
    I'm not trying to be rude, but it sounds like there is a whole lot of yelling going on in your house. It sounds like your dog is terrified. You're on the right track, trying to recondition her response. However, when you say "they're nice" or "friend" you need to do something besides just say...
  11. Rough Morning at the Vet :(

    General Dog Forum
    Sorry you had a rough morning! In my experience, neutering did absolutely nothing to curb my dogs' behavior. We've done both: neutering at 6 months and waiting to neuter until the dog was well past growing age. I think neutering REALLY depends on the dog. Honestly, I'm a proponent of...
  12. Any Guesses on Dog Breed?

    General Dog Forum
    Holy cow, they are so cute. Now that I'm seeing the other pups, maybe the wide head is Pit instead of Great Pyr?
  13. Any Guesses on Dog Breed?

    General Dog Forum
    You need to make sure you are using a link that ends in ".jpg" or ".gif" :)
  14. Any Guesses on Dog Breed?

    General Dog Forum
    Most of the pictures aren't showing up, but I definitely see Aussie or BC in there. For some reason her head makes me think Great Pyr.
  15. New member looking for advice on shock collars.

    Attention All New Members
    I'm not sure what corrections you feel you need to give your dog. I'm very opposed to shock, prong and choke chains. If you're not under the direct supervision of a trained professional, they can actually exacerbate behavior problems. Have you considered positive reinforcement rather than...
  16. Ever Wish Your Dog Was Lower Maintenance?

    General Dog Forum
    I totally understand where you're coming from. Some days-absolutely yes. When I'm sick and when I broke my foot a couple years ago all I wanted was dogs that could entertain themselves without a ton of input on my part. Fortunately, they both have an "off" switch, but are ready to go at a...
  17. crazy breeds people have called your dog?

    General Dog Forum
    Everyone knows Colby is a Border Collie but no one ever thinks Ace is. People usually ask me how old my Aussie is. When he was a puppy someone at Petsmart thought he was a Catahoula Cur. I have even had people argue with me about his breed. Uhh, I got him from a breeder and met both of his...
  18. Dog Parks

    General Dog Forum
    As a coach at a reactive dog class, we preach this to all of our students. You can't expect your dog to play and get along with any strange dog. That's like expecting a human to go to the mall (or some other crowded place) and shake hands or hug every person they meet. Oh, and you have to do it...
  19. Dog Parks

    General Dog Forum
    I absolutely hate fenced dog parks. In my experience, most people use them as a great way to socialize with other dog people while completely ignoring their dogs because they're in a fenced area. I'll also go out on a limb here and say that most people (although they are well meaning and love...
  20. Dog Collar Safety Questions

    General Dog Forum
    My aunt and uncle's dog was killed playing with another dog in their backyard because the other dogs teeth got stuck in his collar. There were several people outside watching the dogs play, but couldn't untangle the dogs in time. Think about it: if a dog gets stuck, they don't just calmly wait...
1-20 of 451 Results