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  1. Giving thanks for a dog's love!

    Piddle Place
    As Thanksgiving comes around, we want to remind you how many dogs thank you for the love and care you give them. The time you spend with them, the love you show them, the gifts and toys you give them are truly cherished by them. Your pets look to you as your best friend! Let's give thanks for...
  2. It's picture day!

    Piddle Place
    We love seeing happy dogs! Please comment below a picture of your dog having a happy day!
  3. Have you heard? Indoor pottying is acceptable!

    Piddle Place
    Never would we have thought that indoor pottying would be acceptable in homes and apartments of all sizes, but with the Piddle Place all things are possible. The Piddle Place makes it easy to adopt new puppies, help older dogs use the bathroom indoors, and to solve the problem of waking up in...
  4. Spoil your little turkey this Thanksgiving!

    Piddle Place
    After a long day of playing in the yard with friends and family, and a belly full of turkey, the last thing our turkeys want is to go potty outside in the middle night or to wake you from your sleep! The Piddle Place is a great indoor potty system that can help your pet use the bathroom on the...
  5. Spooky Pottying

    Piddle Place
    The best thing about Piddle Place is that is can be used for more than an indoor potty, but it can be great for the porch, apartments, and it's great for traveling. After you have trained your pet and encouraged them to use Piddle Place, the dog will regularly begin pottying. One way to aid...
  6. Spooky Pottying

    Piddle Place
    Hello pet-lovers! With Halloween coming up, it can be spooky to potty outside alone! As the cooler temperatures are rolling in, it's important that we still are able to keep an eye on whether our dog is pottying outside. I know from experience that dogs get cold or are uneasy about pottying...
  7. How much do puppy personalities change with age?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Dogs are similar to us in the way of behavioral changes. We can expect changes throughout the weeks, months, and years. Be on the lookout for negative behavior and try to reinforce positive behavior. In order to keep behavioral issues at a minimum we can train them, reward them for good...
  8. Dogs Peeing In House Daily - Cannot Break Habit, About to Lose My Mind

    General Dog Forum
    I completely understand the situation you are going through. I think it is important to adapt them to your living situation. Living in an apartment can constrain the times that you are available to let your dog potty. The Piddle Place is a great product for this. It is an indoor potty that is...
  9. Enough With The Potty Threads!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Re: Potty question 2 Greetings Sue I thank you so much for fostering pets and finding them forever homes. It takes a special person, and that is you. I also foster many pets, and when they are puppies, we set up their crate, but leave the door open. We attach a folding baby fence to the...
  10. Help please, your thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

    Piddle Place
    I wanted to reach out to you all please to get some feedback on the size of the Piddle Place. Our company is now delighted to be part of PetSafe, and still share the same mission, to remove the barriers to pet companionship. Can you please take a moment (ask your friends if needed) What would...
  11. Are you a dog hugger? Think again

    Piddle Place
    Yes, that's me. Guilty as charged. I am a hugger. Perhaps I am projecting a human emotion on my dog, but it brought me comfort. Then I saw this article. Psychologist recommend against hugging your dog. I guess I had never seen this fear in my Kippers eyes, but its worth a discussion. How...
  12. Puppy Swap

    Piddle Place
    Thought from a shelter Everyone loves a new puppy, but as they age, what do you feel. Here is a thought, and please watch and share video in the attached link I look forward to your comments. Marketing concept, pick out a puppy, and when you get tired of it, sent it to a shelter and pick...
  13. How much does a healthy dog urinate

    Piddle Place
    A question we are often asked is how much should a healthy dog urinate each day. As summer approaches, please take a look at this link and the signs of bladder issues. Remember to keep yourself and your furry friend hydrated. Kathy
  14. The loss of family

    Piddle Place
    RIP my dear Kippers. Today i rattle around my home picking up squeaky toys, food bowls, and tug-a-war socks, yes Kippers, you won Davids favorite sock. I thank everyone on this forum for kind words and thoughts on how I would know when it was time. You were right. 15 years Kippers has shared...
  15. It was not me!

    Piddle Place
    Yes, of course there are options to the Piddle Place Is this your dog? They always look so innocent when I get home. No, it was not us that shredded the puppy pads....
  16. My beautiful Kippers

    Pet Memorial Forum
    My Kippers has been my companion for 15 years. She was a service dog for my son who since passed away, and has constantly been by my side. I owe her so much, I guess you could say as a rescue dog, she helped rescue me and thousands of other shelter dogs. Those of you that see us here know...
  17. Piddle Place

    Attention All New Members
    Greetings Admin and everyone We were having so much fun here looking at everyone's furry friends, we signed up to be a supporter of the site for another year. Thank you all Kathy
  18. ideas for hiding pills

    General Dog Forum
    I don't know what pills you are having to give your furry friend, perhaps prescription? I find that most common vitamins, calming pills, hip and joint, krill oil, etc are available in soft chew format. They are liver or cheese based, and dogs love them. I used to have to hide my hip and...
  19. Techniques for signaling when they need to go outside?

    Dog Training Forum
    I used to use a chime that Kippers would use, but she learned that ringing it meant she got to go outside, even when we just came in!! She would see a squirrel in the yard and ring ring ring, a neighbors cat pass by, ring ring ring, the thought of a bit more freedom....she sure had us trained...
  20. Study: 50% of Rescue Dogs Mislabeled as Pitbulls by Shelter Staff

    Wow, that's interesting. Our shelter is mostly "pitbulls" they are brought here because Home Owner Associates accuse the pet of being mostly pit, and insurance does not allow the owner to keep their dog. I will use this article to share with people who reluctantly are forced to abandon their...
1-20 of 96 Results