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  1. Handicapped 4wk old kitten foster

    Other Pets
    I can relate! My foster went back to the shelter today, to get spayed and put on the adoption floor. I have fostered other kittens as bottle babies and not felt so bonded to them. Daisy was special, we seemed to click in a different way. It's tough, I'm so sorry you are missing your girl too...
  2. PetGuide App

    Off Topic
    It won't load using PetGuide for me either. Other forums work, just not this one.
  3. New with questions on a rapid aging mastiff

    Attention All New Members
    Whoops sorry, I missed that she's feed totw. Stick to only dog food, or raw if you prefer. Even if you "mash up" human food, it just isn't a good idea. Please, stop allowing her to be used as a pillow by your children. Not trying to be ugly here. You have a dog with spine issues, she doesn't...
  4. New with questions on a rapid aging mastiff

    Attention All New Members
    You didn't mention if your Mastiff is a rescue or came from a good breeder, but that has a huge impact on their health and longevity. They are a giant breed and with that, their life spans are much shorter. Just part and parcel of loving these guys. Those from good breeders have less health...
  5. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    Figured I could do a quick update on Cupcake. I ended up pretty much, on my own with her legs. We did lots of stretches every day and I made sure to watch her food intake closely. She will scarf her food down, and run to her brothers bowl, before he has a chance to finish. Little oinker ;) She...
  6. Soggy Doggy mat?

    General Dog Forum
    Sounds lovely, I doubt it works anything like described though. I have also seen rugs of the same/similar material in the bath section. I am cheap, I use old bath towels and mop up whatever still gets tracked around.
  7. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions, samshine. There does appear to be very differing thoughts on the proper ways to treat/not treat this. I don't have an area to set them up outside, even if the weather was warm enough at the moment. These guys being bottle fed...
  8. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    Thanks Patricia. I will try the GD Lady, it can't hurt! I am not "supposed" to take fosters to any other vet. Legally, they are not my property and therefore, I cannot sign off on their care. The shelter has limits on what they deem treatable though. I could very well be jumping the gun here...
  9. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    Ok, another question or two.....From what I have been reading, this isn't typically a painful condition. Cupcake has been less playful today even compared to yesterday. I have a small, electric, space heater I keep by the foster kennels, since I have all bottle babies. When I let her and...
  10. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    Thanks so much Xeph. What search terms should I be using to gather info? The ones I have tried so far aren't giving me what I am looking for. I have a feeling this will take me arguing with the shelter staff a bit to take this more seriously. Yesterday, it was a tech who looked at her, they...
  11. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    Thanks Keechak, that was the only reputable one I was aware of as well.
  12. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    I do have ceramic tile, but I keep them on rugs to play and they have blankets when they are inside their kennel. I have exposed them to the tile, but not let them actually be on it very much
  13. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    Here are a few. Sorry for the quality, hard to get pics of wiggly pups. (Excuse my dirty rug, haven't vacuumed today) I sure hope you are right and it is just a stage. It does tend to get more pronounced the longer she is awake and playing.
  14. Puppies and Knuckling/Buckling Wrists

    General Dog Forum
    I am fostering for a local shelter and currently have a puppy who is showing some buckling in her front legs at the wrists. She and her brother have been completely on the bottle (Esibilac) until yesterday. They just started the weaning process. I am their second foster, they were brought to...
  15. Singleton Foster Kitten

    Other Pets
    Sorry, forgot to reply, been crazy with the bottle baby (Daisy) and another foster who is sick. Daisy decided teddy bears and blankets were no substitute for suckling on my hands. So, I just let her do it for the comfort. She is cutting baby teeth now and wants to suckle less and chew more...
  16. Singleton Foster Kitten

    Other Pets
    Your girl is very pretty! Thank you for the help. I am finding that raising a singleton has some major differences from bottle feeding a whole litter. When I hold her, I keep her heating pad on/under her and she is covered with her blankie as well. I worry about the calorie loss from trying to...
  17. Singleton Foster Kitten

    Other Pets
    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a good cat/kitten forum, or answer some kitty questions. Sunday, I received a singleton female kitty for foster. She is about a week old. Umbilical cord was no longer attached, eyes started opening yesterday. I have raised kittens...
  18. Neapolitan Mastiff Terminus' First B day

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I also have a Neo, I am not understanding how prongs would be any more comfortable on his wrinkles? ::shrug:: I leave my boy collarless when inside and use a harness or 2in cloth or nylon collar on walks and potty times. Prongs poking at the wrinkles and rubbing against them can't feel too great...
  19. SOMEONE talk me into keeping this dog!!!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi Aiw, I don't post often but reading your post prodded me out of lurkdom :wave: I also have a dog with SA so I can relate to the stress and difficulties that come with trying to manage it. My boy, Nicky, is a Neo Mastiff who I found on CL. I wasn't informed of his SA either. Never having...
  20. Help, Fleas and Tick

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    In the Houston are you may want to avoid using Frontline. Everyone I have talked to who lives in Houston and surrounding suburbs, has had issues for the past 5 or so years with it not being as effective. Maybe you live in an area that the fleas haven't become immune to it, but I would hate to...
1-20 of 56 Results