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  1. What's Happening In Chicago

    General Dog Forum
    oof duh - sry to crash - how to make new post/thread? * mods, delete asap - just, not sure how to fix mistake* :(
  2. A Girl and Her Pony

    Dog Pictures Forum
    lol awww long live a gal who knows wat she likes ;)
  3. My dog has a sore on her snout, and I don't know what it is

    Dog Health Questions
    Looks like u may need to take Nixie in for a vet visit. That is not a " day in the life of a dog "injury". But, I am sure vet can fix her issue easy :) - she needs vet help tho - help her out, k
  4. Aunt and Uncle want to keep my dog!

    General Dog Forum
    oh my its been quite some time since I have posted ;) I do so hope wvasko not talking 'bout me :D - lol
  5. Aunt and Uncle want to keep my dog!

    General Dog Forum
    sad situation, but, my friend, ur aunt & uncle have been ur "mans best friend" for quite some time now ( to ur dog of course). They have stood up to the plate to help ur furry friend, and, u should be insanely happy for their help. My vote goes towards fidos new family.
  6. I need help choosing a dog too! Long Haired Chihuahua or Papillon?

    General Dog Forum
    lol my 2 paps, r just as happy to lounge on the couch, or to go naners at the park chasing ball. I do think that paps, overall, do have much more agreeable personalities.
  7. Female Dog behavior..

    General Dog Forum
    My "take" on this entire thread, is that the OP has very distorted conceptions as to common dog actions. With VERY high notes placed onto "sexuality"....with dogs though, that's just a preposterous way of viewing how a female "should act"....Let's face it, ALL HUMANS & DOGS for that matter have...
  8. Chupacabra Caught?

    Off Topic
    It IS a mighty strange looking animal, &, I agree w/you about the tail...it's, well, it's just purty dang LOONNGG. Wish they had called some local vets to draw blood/DNA samples before letting the thing go. I am happy that they did let the little guy/gal go afterwards though. It's not his/her...
  9. Honestly at a complete "loss".... :(

    Pet Memorial Forum
    It's been a week and, now, as its Sunday, a week & 1 day since my old man ferret Tigger FINALLY passed over to Rainbow Bridge. He was older than any ferret that I have ever come across, &, like the rest, he went Adrenal Gland disease. He was medicated, & I had been watching him DAILY for months...
  10. Rat Terrier Vomiting, Losing Hair On The Back Legs And Seems To Be In Pain

    Dog Health Questions
    The only "answer" that you will get here, is, PLEASE, take dog to a Vet. A.S.A.P!! (as in yesterday even). Something is clearly wrong w/the dog, &, providing medical assistance by a qualified professional is the only way to go. We are just a dog-fan based forum...no veterinarians. Have your...
  11. How many hours a week do you spend doing activities with your dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    My 2 get kenneled at nights, but, thats it for them. When they wake, & go potty outside, they get the privileged of the "big bed". Whoo-hoo!! As long as noone is super-hyped-up, they get to stay there til "mom" is ready to regroup the pack downstairs. I have found that they go into what I would...
  12. German Shepherd Alaskan Malamute and possibly Great Dane? help

    General Dog Forum
    One of my neighbors that lives across of the street from me has 2 Mal.'s. The female is huge, but, the male is quite ENORMOUS(kinda reminds me of a shaggy, live, walking dog-house). Actually though, I think that the female may have passed on because I have not seen her in the past couple of...
  13. Need a Prayer......

    Off Topic
    What AWFUL news JB... :( I will gladly include in my prayers.
  14. Regional Foods

    Off Topic
    I live right on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay...fresh, daily seafood is what we seem to thrive on, so, I'd definitely call that "regional". We have fresh mkts. all over the place. It's pretty cool too. :) - Combined w/ the fresh farmers markets at every turn? - I'd say it's just "bliss"!! LOVE...
  15. Sanitary Trims

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Lu, I am not a "pro" in any sense of the term, but, I will "share" how I go about it. Leif is the only one that requires this, but, I scoop him up in my left hand facing backwards, hanging over the trash can, &, I simply use shears to clean his tiny-hiney up. I perhaps have to do this maybe 2-4...
  16. Any idea HOW to get pics from windows live photo gallery to upload onto Photobucket?

    Off Topic
    My last 'puter allowed me to just load pics right into the "my pics" file. From there, it was pretty simple to upload to Photobucket. Now though, with my current laptop, when I transfer pics from SD card, my limitations as to where the pics are saved, are NOT the same. My choices are limited...
  17. Drinking Toilet Water..

    Dog Health Questions
    w/o threat of bodily harm, would I EVER try toilet water. Dogs lick butts, roll in poo, eat dead, rotting animals, rummage trash etc.- CLEARLY they are "dare-devils"...I prefer NOT to ingest things that are not USDA. May be the snob in me...I dunno...I don't drink beer either! :)
  18. kicking up grass after going potty?

    General Dog Forum
    I leave room to be corrected if I'm wrong, but, I recall reading somewhere that dogs have scent glands in-between of their toes. So, with that being in mind, while they are doing all of that silly kicking up of turf, they are also supposedly adding further scent. My girl is an AVID...
  19. Papillion Grooming?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I have a gross-distortion of imagining ANY paps w/groomed hair!! :( Besides from their feet that need tapering, & pads that need trimmed, (also, some of them need butt-trims)..I think that paps have wonderful, NATURAL "coats" that just don't require much grooming AT ALL! Quite an easy breed to...
  20. Hello from a NY kinda Pap Mom

    Attention All New Members
    Well, Howdy to you & little Miss. Bitsy!! My boy is a mismark as well. Smartest thing that I have EVER DONE(picking him over his perfectly masked brother). Temperament-wise, I chose over ascetics, & wound up w/ the most silly-ass boy on the planet!! Sure enough, he has one white tipped-ear...
1-20 of 188 Results