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  1. What mix is my new dog?

    General Dog Forum
    There's a picture of him in the new members section! He's adorable and the goofiest dog EVER.
  2. What mix is my new dog?

    General Dog Forum
    I'll post a couple of new pictures hopefully tomorrow. He weighs right around ten pounds. The picture really isn't clear, but he doesn't really look anything like a beagle in person, and doesn't really act like one either. It's his eyes that have me wondering. They're just so unusual looking!
  3. This is Trixie. She's a mixed breed, what do you think she is?

    General Dog Forum
    I'd guess mostly Chow / Rottweiler, maybe with a bit of Pit and/or Lab in there :) what a cutie!
  4. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone! My name is Mariah. I joined this forum to learn about training and caring for my new dog, Snickers, who has his own thread in the general discussion forum. Snickers makes #3 in my household, the other two being Louie, an Australian Shepherd / Lab/Beagle mix with congenital leg...
  5. What mix is my new dog?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi! I'm a new user and a veteran dog owner. I already have two dogs, and recently adopted a stray when his owners decided that they would simply leave him behind when they moved away. My two other dogs are Louie, an Australian Shepherd X Lab/Beagle mix, and Ringo, a Cavalier King Charles X...
1-5 of 5 Results