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  1. Princess Cheeseface vs. Chuck-It

    General Dog Forum
    My Jack LOVES his. We can go for about 2 hours with him chasing a ball so it is a god-send for him (and us!)
  2. Wow!

    General Dog Forum
    I give my boys a fair bit of pumpkin.... they are always doing this! My kitten who is about 4 months now, loves to curl up on my chest and let one rip. Butt in my face, of course. Jack & Lag have the decency to sit next to me. They always look so guilty afterwards too!
  3. Was Your Dog a Rescue?

    Dog Rescue Forum
    All my babies are rescues. My first baby,Jack was dumped ON A HIGHWAY and was almost hit by a car, so having got my license the day before, stopped in the middle of the highway, coaxed him over (not that it was difficult) and he's been part of the furniture since. He has a few temperment issues...
  4. Doggy weight problem

    Dog Food Forum
    About 2 years ago now, hubby and I rescued a stray mini foxie x jack russel, Lag Spike. At that time he was 11kg (24 pound, roughly) and looked like he'd swallowed a pizza whole. He was in awful shape: tumors on his eyelids, heart murmor, fleas, fleas and then some more fleas, mites, extra long...
  5. Vitamin E Cream

    Dog Health Questions
    My Mini Foxy cross Jack Russel cross Mutt has a strange new habit - he keeps licking my hands after I rub vitamin e cream into them. It's only been maybe the last few weeks... Anyone have any idea why he's started doing this? We're off to the vet in the next few days to get some more hay fever...
  6. Strange thing my little guy does....

    Dog Health Questions
    Lag Spike is really one of a kind - he is a mini fox terrier cross (probably a Jack Russel but he was a rescue dog, so we'll never know for sure). Since we've had him he does this sitting thing. It's like he goes to beg, but when he sits on his hind legs, they splay out at a strange angle. He...
  7. Dog rescue - heart murmur

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm in the Redlands - south east QLD :)
  8. Dog rescue - heart murmur

    Dog Health Questions
    Thanks guys :) I am going to pop in and see another vet today - I wasn't overly impressed with the vet we saw the other day :s and I will ask them about the general and what we can do to avoid it. Thanks :) Megs
  9. Put your dog's name that you rescued.

    Dog Rescue Forum
    I now have two little guys! Both of them are mini fox terriers cross. Jack is crossed with a Kelpie :O and Vlad - well the vet said maybe a Chihuahua? No one is quite sure. Hubby and I found Jack early Feb this year wandering on the entrace to a busy highway. He was in really good health (a...
  10. Dog rescue - heart murmur

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, You won't believe this - but hubby and I have adopted another stray; another mini foxie cross even! He looks scarily like my little man, but a fair few years older - probably about 6 years the vet said. The first night he spent with us was quite scary for a number of reasons -...
  11. Help! My furbaby is shedding too fast!!

    Dog Health Questions
    Just back from the vet's. The vet said it's quite normal fo Jack to be shedding at the moment but the skin is quite red - it's an a-typical rash from one of the known plants in our area. The vet gave him some quaterzone (sp?) to help reduce the redness and the scratching. Now just to keep him...
  12. Cocker spaniel won't sleep and is excessively clingy!

    Dog Health Questions
    He is adorable! I absolutely love cocker spaniels. I had a little girl many years ago and I remember when she first came to live with me she was quite anxious, and up until the day I left home she would always follow me around the house. My puppy - not that he's a puppy anymore - that I now...
  13. Hey Everyone

    Attention All New Members
    This is my furbaby, Jack Daniels: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=343414&id=648273882 Isn't he the cutest lil man you've ever seen! My hubby and I picked him up off the highway about three months ago now - we tried desparately to find his owners, but no one wanted him. :( Hubby and I had...
  14. Help! My furbaby is shedding too fast!!

    Dog Health Questions
    My furbaby is shedding at the moment - or at least that was what we thought it was to start with. For about the last two weeks my house has been covered in dog hair, which was nothing that the vaccum cleaner couldn't handle. But in the last few days lil Jack seems to be going bald! I have had to...
1-14 of 14 Results