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  1. Help~ How would i search for the people i bought my lab from?

    General Dog Forum
    No my lab isnt AKC. I didnt get any paperwork. I only know her first name, I can't really search with just that.
  2. Help~ How would i search for the people i bought my lab from?

    General Dog Forum
    I only know the first name of the girl and the town she lives or lived in. I would like to see if she is still breeding dogs. Does anyone know how i could search for her??
  3. What happened to the thing you click on to look at your subscribed threads?

    Suggestions / Feedback
    I havent been on here in awhile, i dont see the thing i use to click on to check new messages n see the subscribed threads. How do i do that now?
  4. Some question about basset hounds

    General Dog Forum
    My sister is thinking about getting a dog. She wants one that doesnt shed and bark, lol...I told her they all do! She really likes basset hounds...she doesnt know much about dogs, im asking some questions for her... How much do they cost? Are they good with kids? Can they be guard/protective...
  5. Lab has really bad gas

    Dog Health Questions
    My lab has really bad gas...lordy does it stink. She also has been having runny poop. I figured out what was causing the runny poop. We bought a different kind of dog food this past month at costco. We switched back to purina one and her poop is normal but still bad gas, i guess it might take a...
  6. Anyone have a honda pilot?

    Off Topic
    I have an 8 month old daughter now and were planning on having another baby in a few years...maybe. We will need a bigger car... One of the cars i really like is the honda pilot...I saw one at costco but i havent actually gone to look at one yet, just wondering with the 3rd row of seats folded...
  7. What is a good price to pay for a Great Dane puppy?

    General Dog Forum
    When i got my lab puppy she wasnt listed as a "clearance puppy" I only said that because i got it from the movie marley and me. I call her my clearance puppy cuz its cute!
  8. What is a good price to pay for a Great Dane puppy?

    General Dog Forum
    My husband saw a few ads in the paper for AKC great dane puppies $500, they were microchiped, i forgot what else it said. I thought great danes went for alot more??? Someday i want to get a great dane, right now i dont have the time with our 5 animals and a newborn. I guess thats not too bad of...
  9. How do you keep a cat from....

    Other Pets
    using the darn doggy door? Our back patio is fenced in for the dogs to go potty, lately our youngest cat figured out how to use the doggy door, he jumps the fence and gets out of the yard. Is there any way to keep him from going out the doggy door?
  10. Chew proof dog toys

    Dog Product Reviews
    I got the goughnut stick today. Cinnamon loves it!!! Its alot easier for her to chomp on than the goughnut. She's chompin away on it, lol. No puncture holes so far.
  11. How do you train to do this???

    Dog Training Forum
    We have a big patio that the dogs use to go potty when were not here or when they are in their room. Is there any way to start training them to only go potty on one side or in a certain area? They use the whole thing, or most of it anyway.
  12. Where to find cheap agility stuff?

    General Dog Forum
    Ive been thinking about getting something for my lab to jump over in the yard just for fun, cuz we put grass seed down and put up a lil foot tall fence to keep the dogs out but she loves jumping over it, lol. Should i just have my hubby build either a wood or plastic pipe thingy to jump over? I...
  13. What does your breed of dog say about you?

    General Dog Forum
    i dont look like my dogs. Im like my pug who loves to go for walks. Im like my lab cuz she loves the water and loves to go to the beach. I think both my dogs are more like me when it comes to people/strangers...they dont like them, lol.
  14. Anyone ever take someone to small claims court?

    Off Topic
    I did, several years ago. Never got the money i was owed, neither did my family.
  15. The Navy

    Off Topic
    My hubby has been in the navy for about 8 years. He is a LT Officer, It can be a great career!
  16. What happens when a dog goes in heat?

    General Dog Forum
    We were thinking about breeding her. That was befor my hubby actually looked online the benefits of spaying her and reasons to breed or not to breed. We decided that we dont want to breed her, so we will be spaying her.
  17. Purina

    Dog Food Forum
    Both our dogs eat purina one dog food. They started out on purina one puppy food.
  18. What happens when a dog goes in heat?

    General Dog Forum
    My lab should be going into heat. What exactly happens when she does? I noticed some small blood spots on the carpet and on the couch where she lyes. Is she suppose to be bleeding or anything ?
  19. Cuddle dogs

    Dog Pictures Forum
  20. Question for Lab, Golden, Cocker, etc. Owners

    General Dog Forum
    My lab only likes me, my husband and our family members when they come over. Anyone else walks in the house, she does not like nor does she like anyone walking past her yard, lol.
1-20 of 216 Results