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  1. What's the perfect room temperature for puppies at 2.5 wks?

    Dog Health Questions
    Thank you, I needed to hear that. They're now 3 weeks old and they seem to be doing great at 71-72 degrees with fluffy blankets. They cuddle with their siblings more instead of spreading far apart from each other and they fall asleep quickly. :whoo:
  2. Need some help choosing a good food for my puppy please !!!

    Dog Food Forum
    I used to feed orijen but my dogs had pretty stanky gas due to the high protein. I didn't mind it as it was only occasionally but somewhere down the road I decided to switch to acana and then finally to taste of the wild. They have good quality kibble but it's a little cheaper than acana and...
  3. What's the perfect room temperature for puppies at 2.5 wks?

    Dog Health Questions
    Second time typing this post, no idea what happened to the first one after I clicked submit :doh: I have three 2.5 week old border collie puppies that are being fussy about the temperature. Every online sources (my vet as well) advise that room temperature should be kept at 75-80 degrees until...
  4. Dog won't go to crate at night

    General Dog Forum
    If she has no problems with going to her crate when you're leaving the house, I suppose we can rule out separation anxiety. I second the guy that said it could be a fear stage. The puppy will likely get over it so long as you keep up with your normal crate training regime unless your methods of...
  5. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    Dog trainer and owner of 3 border collies here. I've raised dogs for about a decade now but I'm always learning something new so I'm glad to be a part of these forums! :wave: - Jenna
1-5 of 5 Results