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  1. ** Dog Custody** Please help!

    General Dog Forum
    my ex-husband told me once that he wanted visitation for my dog and that his lawyer said he could have it. I stopped that one with, "If you get visitation, then I get support." Conversation over - he went out and bought his own dog. He is threatening you using the dog as ammunition because he...
  2. Non-surgical ACL repair?

    Dog Health Questions
    the brace I'm considering actually stabilizes both legs, because of the increased chance of opposite leg injury. The injury was vet-diagnosed. I had an appt with the surgeon, but cancelled because Mags made tremendous progress in the ten days waiting time to get in. She was on Rimadyl and a pain...
  3. Non-surgical ACL repair?

    Dog Health Questions
    Does anyone have information about the success of bracing an acl injury? Mags is 7, great pyrenees/lab mix. Tore her acl on New Years Day, but injury is not typical - she's really trying to use the leg. Surgery is not an option right now (family member out of work). Has anyone used the A-Trac...
1-3 of 3 Results