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  1. Rottweiler as service dog and tasks for service dog

    General Dog Forum
    I think a Rottie would fit nicely with what you are looking for. I'm assuming you are going to owner train? I would start looking for a breeder that specifically breeds working type dogs.
  2. Australian Cattle Dog - Georgia

    Dog Rescue Forum
    He is adorable! I want to own an ACD some day.
  3. Youngest Age a Dog Can Rally?

    Dog Training Forum
    For AKC, it looks like they must be 6 months or older. http://www.akc.org/pdfs/rulebooks/RO2999.pdf Section 14. APDT is 6 months as well. http://www.apdt.com/rally/rules/pdf/ch_1_general_competition.pdf Under Eligibility.
  4. When to let puppy sleep in room/bed?

    General Dog Forum
    It all depends on the dog. Tegan has been sleeping out at night since she was about 5 months old.
  5. Halloween pumpkin

    Dog Pictures Forum
    How cute. I try and get them when they're on sale after the holiday. :wink:
  6. My friend's new puppy...a bobtail lab?

    General Dog Forum
    I saw your post over on the Lab forum. Why they would get a puppy knowing that it may have issues is beyond me. I'd suggest to them to have the vet look at his mouth. He could have an infection.
  7. My dog does more tricks then I ask it to. How to stop this? JRT

    Dog Training Forum
    Tegan has been doing this lately with down and rollover. I click/treat as soon as she is down very quickly and only do rollover from the standing position. I dont give her a treat at all if she automatically does something that I didnt ask, (i.e rolling over when I asked for down). I just...
  8. It's been a while!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Moxie, (SDIT went to TX) At the airport heading to Texas: Lily, SDIT Standard Poodle. Its been really crappy/rainy weather here and I haven't had a chance to take any pictures of her. This one is about a month old that the breeder sent me. Bliss, will be 11yo in January.
  9. It's been a while!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    :wave: I haven't posted on here in ages. :doh: I kinda forgot about the forum when I got a new laptop and lost all my bookmarks. The forum looks so different now! Any ways, here are some updated pictures of Tegan, Bliss, Moxie, and Lily. Moxie is a SDIT I had for a month before a training home...
  10. Jackson's camping getaway

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Aww! He is adorable. I recently won a one night stay at a campground in Maryland that has a dog park and nature trails. :D
  11. If you could eat anything in the world for every meal.....

    Off Topic
    Pizza or cereal. I could definitely eat cereal for every meal :o
  12. Breeds you'd like to own someday?

    General Dog Forum
    Another Standard Poodle, another Brittany..new breeds...Aussie, Corgi, GWP.
  13. Our new Spaniel Mix PUPPY!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Looks more like an ESS then a Brittany.
  14. Do all dogs need glucosamine supplements?

    Dog Food Forum
    I've always given them to my dogs, no matter what the size. They usually start at 8 weeks or so when I get them. I switch around brands to give them a wider variety of joint supplements. So, they actually don't ever get just glucosamine.
  15. What breeds have you had?

    General Dog Forum
    Labradors-7 Goldens-9 Standard Poodle-2 Goldendoodle-2 Husky mix-1 Weim/Lab-1 GSP/Brittany-1 Lab/Hounds/Mutts-15 I've fostered 15 dogs for rescue and trained over 20 for Service Dogs..thats where the higher numbers came from lol
  16. Hunt Test Training..

    General Dog Forum
    It is amazing to see dogs in action, doing what they were bred to do! I love seeing the pointers and retrievers. I've seen a few poodles and airedales too.
  17. Hunt Test Training..

    General Dog Forum
    I'm on quite a few forums where people do hunt and field tests/trials. Many of them use the collars exactly like you said.
  18. 3 New Labradors to the Forum (and a mini aussie)

    Attention All New Members
    I didn't get her spayed until she was a little over 2, with that intention. I just never got into the conformation ring with her. I've done AKC obedience and rally. Tried tracking too and field work too. Her breeder bred with the intention of having females with the more dog head. Bliss's...
  19. I need some input on this...

    General Dog Forum
    She is way too small and young to be in with large dogs. Dont they have a puppy or small dog section? It sounds like you are doing more harm then good.
  20. 3 New Labradors to the Forum (and a mini aussie)

    Attention All New Members
    Welcome! If you get a chance, can you post up the pedigree of your Labs? Your black looks a lot like my Bliss.
1-20 of 438 Results