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  1. Help! Dog is sick?

    Dog Health Questions
    There are number of reasons why your dog is having these symptoms and the only one who is qualified to tell you what the problem is, is a Vet! Your dog is in pain! Please take him to the vet, find out what the problem is and get it treated!
  2. Possible eye infection

    Dog Health Questions
    Yes it could be an Eye Infection, but only a vet can tell you for sure. Never mess around when it comes to the eyes! If it is an Eye Infection and you don't have it treated right away, your dog could lose it's sight. When in doubt, always take your dog to the vet. Better safe than sorry!
  3. Dog lawing at her ear and popping noise when I cleaned it. =[

    Dog Health Questions
    She's been pawing and screaming because she's in severe pain, poor baby. You need to get her to an Emergency Vet Tonight! By cleaning out her ears and sticking a q-tip inside her ears, you may have done some damage. When a dogs ears are Inflamed and Infected, then you should not use anything to...
  4. Trying to help someone with their dogs aggression!

    Dog Training Forum
    I hope this is in the right category. I'm trying to help an aquaintance of mine with her Chihuahuas aggression::eek: I have Chihuahuas myself, but they were trained and socialized at a very early age and I've never had to deal with any type of aggression from any of them. :) She has a 10 month...
  5. Dry food vs. wet food

    Dog Health Questions
    I prefer to give my dogs dry food. Wet food leaves a lot of bacteria on the teeth, which will eventually cause tooth decay!
  6. Need Cute Puppy Name

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Can you please help me find a really cute puppy name for this little one. She's a Chihuahua and she will be about 4 pounds when she is fully grown. These names are already taken: Gigi, Angel, Lucy, Ruby, Bear, Zoe, Gracie, and Daisy! I would truly appreciate your help! I hope this link works...
  7. Posting a picture link to Dog Forums, from Tinypic.com

    Off Topic
    I tried to post a link to 2 pictures, that I wanted to add to a question, that I wanted to ask on Dog Forums! I'm using Tinypic! I copied it the way I normally do, went back to the question to paste it, and lost everything I had already written. Can you even use Tinypic, to post links to...
  8. my pregnant dog dosnt eat . help me!

    Dog Health Questions
    There has to be a vet somewhere! You need to do everything you can to find one and get her there! When dogs are pregnant, their appetite increases and they eat a lot more, than they normally do. The fact that your Lab hasn't eaten in two days, is not at all normal! When I was breeding my...
1-8 of 8 Results