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  1. So guilty-I just can't bond with our new puppy :( I don't know what to do

    General Dog Forum
    I agree with everyone else that what you are feeling is perfectly normal! I had the same feelings with Charlie but for different reasons. I'd lost my childhood dog 6 months before we got him and they couldn't have been more different. It's hard not to make comparisons between your other dogs or...
  2. Merle Red Australian Shepard

    Dog Pictures Forum
    He's a beautiful boy!
  3. GPS Tracking for Fitness and Safety

    General Dog Forum
    We’ve been mountain biking with Charlie for about a year and a half and I’m always so curious how many miles he’s running. For the most part he’s right with us, but as he’s gotten to know the trails he knows some shortcuts and when we’re in a group he’ll often run back and forth to check on the...
  4. Rad Dog Release N Run

    General Dog Forum
    That made me nervous as well. I've never owned a retractable leash for that reason, but I think we're going to try it out. We're really using it as a quick option when he's off leash. I'll let you know what we think. It seems to be well reviewed and we initially saw it recommended by others out...
  5. Rad Dog Release N Run

    General Dog Forum
    Has anyone tried the Release n Run leash/collar? I'm thinking about getting it to use when we bring Charlie mountain biking. Right now it takes some time to get the leash out and stow it away when we come up to another dog or the road and this looks like a nice quick option to use on the trail.
  6. Protecting Active Dogs from Injury

    General Dog Forum
    Thank you all! Such great information. It really is much like with human activity. Mountain biking puts me at risk of injury, but it's something I enjoy and is also healthy physical activity. Having a dog that enjoys coming along has made it that much more enjoyable. I love our adventures and...
  7. Help please - urgent! Should we crate our puppy?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    When my husband and I first started thinking about getting a puppy we were on the same page, both not wanting to create train. I did a bunch of research and changed my mind. It took some convincing but eventually my husband agreed to give it a try. Honestly, looking back I can't imagine...
  8. Protecting Active Dogs from Injury

    General Dog Forum
    As we’ve started bringing Charlie mountain biking with us I’ve had some family/friends express concern. I feel like most people we know just aren’t familiar with exercising their dogs much besides a quick walk around the block, but I know there are a lot of forum members with active sporting...
  9. Aussiedoodle v. Goldendoodle/Labradoodle

    General Dog Forum
    I think that saying that most people select doodles for their "hypoallergenic" reputation alludes to the quality of the people purchasing the dogs... clearly they aren't people who are going to research whatever breed they're selecting. It's the same for people who purchase a small high-strung...
  10. Charlie Update

    General Dog Forum
    This crazy puppy loves to jump!
  11. Favorite Treat Dispensing Toy?

    General Dog Forum
    I haven't tried the Kong Wobbler for comparison, but we've really liked the StarMark bob-a-lot and the Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom. The bob-a-lot is harder to fill and to clean, but I like the way it dispenses food. Charlie tends to just push it around so it teeters around instead of picking it up...
  12. Breed Recommendations for Newbie with Allergies

    General Dog Forum
    Thank you all for your advice and suggestions! I also have dog allergies and like you've mentioned, it does vary a lot, though I find it to be pretty consistent as far as breeds go. I've been allergic to every pit bull and great dane I've met, mostly their saliva makes me break out in hives :(...
  13. Breed Recommendations for Newbie with Allergies

    General Dog Forum
    A co-worker has decided to get a dog for his family in about a year (once his youngest is a little older). They have two young children and neither of them have ever owned a dog before. My co-worker suffers from allergies so that’s a bit of a concern. I’m encouraging them to consider a...
  14. High Visibility Dog Vest Recommendations

    General Dog Forum
    I ended up getting the Ruffwear one because it looked like it would stay in place better than others I found. It fits him pretty well and he never seemed bothered by it so it must be pretty comfy.
  15. Panzer

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Congrats on Best in Breed (even if it was out of 1) and for getting out there with him! It was your first shot as well right? It sounds like he did pretty well overall, do you think you'll be showing him more? He's such a handsome boy!
  16. High Visibility Dog Vest Recommendations

    General Dog Forum
    As I mentioned in another post, Charlie has been mountain biking with us. I've been looking for a bright orange dog vest for him to comfortably run in so that he'll be more visible. I'm finding a huge price difference in our options though and I'm not sure if it would pay off to get one of the...
  17. Charlie Update

    General Dog Forum
    I figured I'd post an update as I was catching up by stalking users I still recognized and saw things like new additions! Your new baby is so precious! I was just stalking his puppy photo thread ;) Obviously Charlie's update isn't nearly as exciting, but I mostly wanted to say "we're still around!"
  18. Recent Pitbull Rescue Owner

    Attention All New Members
    Welcome to the forum! I look forward to hearing more about Athena :)
  19. Charlie Update

    General Dog Forum
    I haven’t been on the forum in a very long time! I figured I would provide some Charlie updates. Charlie is now 2 years old. He has started running with us on the trail while we mountain bike and absolutely loves it! He mostly stays between me and my husband and if I get too far behind he...
  20. Trip to Hawaii - Advice Needed!

    Off Topic
    Oops! Sorry, I didn't mean it offensively. I consider myself a "Colorado native" because that's where I was born and spent my childhood. By native, I just mean someone who is from there, not necessarily someone who is currently located in Hawaii and certainly didn't mean for it to be racially...
1-20 of 465 Results