A part of my life never to be forgotten.
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Thread: A part of my life never to be forgotten.

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    He was never supposed to be our dog. We were supposed to get his mother from a high kill shelter in Lousiana but thankfully they were fostered out. Due to a mistake at the shelter the mother was adopted by another family and they were not willing to give her up. The foster mom offered, or more like insisted we take the puppy they were going to keep because they felt so bad about our situation. We drove from NJ to Pennsylvania to pick up our puppy from the trek of adopted dogs all the way down the northeast. We named him T-beaux because he was our Cajun baby. He was such a good puppy, super mellow and easy to train. His mother was Golden retriever and his father might have been a mastiff mix. T-beaux was incredibly beautiful. He was always by my side and was truly a momma's boy. He lived a great life and was loved so much by me , my husband and my two boys as well as my mother who visited very often. He lived almost 10 years and was diagnosed with lymphoma two days after Christmas. We painfully put him to sleep February 2nd, 2019. I will never have another dog like my T-beaux. He took a big part of my heart when he left us.
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    Re: A part of my life never to be forgotten.

    To a wonderful life and family that loved him so deeply as he loved in return RIP dear T-beaux <3 Am sorry for you and your Family's loss.
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    Re: A part of my life never to be forgotten.

    So sorry for your loss. We never have them long enough.

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