Goodnight Cher, you will be missed.
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Thread: Goodnight Cher, you will be missed.

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    Goodnight Cher, you will be missed.

    About two weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our Cat Cher. I know this is a dog forum but she was a great sister to our pups. Specially out Saint.

    We knew what we were getting into when we rescued her from a shelter. She had been bitten by a snake and was missing part of her paw because of it. She had a wound on her face and was being treated for mange.

    The shelter was unsure of her age, they thought she was three. We took her to the vet for a check up and discovered that she was about thirteen. She got better, much better. Her and Balou became best buddies.

    They followed each other, took naps together and played with each other. She was well loved. When we brought a new kitty into the house the three of them became inseparable.

    Although the new kitty helped Balou create some disasters Cher stayed well clear of. When one of us would come out of the kitchen or back inside from talking with a friend or neighbor Cher would be on top of the couch with this look like, "I had nothing to do with this." While Echo and Balou would be in the midst of said disaster.

    About a month ago she seemed to get skinny overnight. She developed skin folds along the inside of her thighs. We brought her in after noticing a lump on her abdomen. The diagnoses wasn't good. It was a tumor and it was getting bigger.

    The vet told us that we could put her through chemo and surgery but at her age, due to her being an outside cat in her previous life before the shelter, she would probably not live long after and the process would be long and painful. There was also a chance that the treatment could kill her.

    We decided to take her home for a little while to say our goodbyes.

    Sadly, she became violent with the other animals in the house. We separated her but she became violent with us shortly after. Add in the new puppy we adopted a few days before all the trouble began, before she suddenly became skinny, and we decided to bring her in for the last time.

    She was an amazing cat. We had her for two wonderful years. We knew her life would be shorter than she deserved but she was worth it.

    Good night Cher, sleep well.
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    Re: Goodnight Cher, you will be missed.

    so sorry for your loss , Run Free Cher <3

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    Re: Goodnight Cher, you will be missed.

    I'm so sorry.
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