I miss you Tara
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    I miss you Tara

    Tara, who was a German Shepperd/Border Collie lived with us from 1995 to 2009 when she passed away. She was a wonderful beautiful intelligent dog and truly understood everything you said to her.

    My fondest memories are of her dragging me off the sidewalk and into Pet Valu up the street from our house so she could pick out a treat. It was like taking a kid to get icecream. Any time we walked past the strip mall she would try to drag me into pet Valu. And if I told her I didn't have any money on me and we couldn't go she'd get this depressed look on her face.

    She was my best friend for almost fifteen years and I loved her dearly. She was the smartest most loving dog anybody could ever imagine and we miss her. I wish I knew where all my Tara pictures are. I could only find this one. Sadly it has faded .

    Tara had a weakness for food and stole a great deal of it from humans over the years. I once caught her burying an entire shopping bag full of fresh danishes in the back yard. I don't know how she got out (or back in) to the yard or where she got the danishes.

    She once stole 12 sausages (a long link of them) from my neighbors trunk as she was taking the groceries in from her car. She ran down the street with the 12 sausages flailing in the wind behind her and inhaled most of them while running at high speed.

    She used to get out of the back yard (I have no idea how) and walk (on the side walk) almost 2Km (1.3 miles) to my uncle's house so she could play with his dogs. I would get a phone call from my uncle "Your dog's here" and I would say "No she's out back" and he'd say "Nope, she's here". And I would go get her.

    She was best friends with my cat, Whisky (short for whiskers) and they would go for walks together and cuddle together when they slept.

    Tara ended up getting really bad arthritis in the twilight years of her life which eventually got so bad she couldn't walk any more and at that point we made the decision to put her to sleep so she could run forever in dog heaven like when she was young.


    I'm about 15 here and Tara is 3. I'm behind her in the black sweater.
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