Angel, our cat of nine years, is continually getting "colds" (URI). The vet prescribes antibiotics like amoxycillin and it works for a little while, but then the issues come back within a week to a month. She has been to the vet countless times for this issue and he continues to prescribe antibiotics and give her shots, which I know are not good for her especially as often as she is being given them.

She does not have any eye or nose discharge and there is rarely any sneezing, but her chest rattles when she breaths and there is considerable snorting. She isn't lethargic, doesn't ever loose her appetite, but I'm worried it's going to get worse or she's going to develop another problem due to the excessive antibiotics which are obviously not working. We have been giving her a noni supplement along with L-Lysine and Resp-aid (from because we wanted to go a healthier, more holistic route but I still want to know what the problem is. We're absolutely baffled and apparently so is the vet. I just don't know what to do a this point.

Has anyone had experience with this issue?