bad news, bad news and more bad news!
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Thread: bad news, bad news and more bad news!

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    bad news, bad news and more bad news!

    At the beginning of September, my best friend's sister (age 22) had emergency surgery to remove an unknown brain tumour the size of a grapefruit. The pathology results came back and she was diagnosed with grade III anaplastic ependymoma, which means she has cancerous cells lining her spinal cord, and the cells are easily transported throughout the area due to cerebrospinal fluid (or that's how I understand it anyway). The doctors wanted to start radiation treatment right away, but she is pregnant with her second child, and the baby is only due in January. They said she could wait until mid november to deliver the baby and then start treatment immediately.
    Last night my friend contacted me and the pathologists reviewed her sister's biopsy results, and it is actually a different kind of cancer...a WORSE kind of cancer. The baby is being delivered on tuesday, 3 months early, and she has to have chemo now.

    I'm so worried that if the baby doesn't survive, she won't have the strength to get through treatment...

    Any and all thoughts, prayers, vibes are welcome and appreciated.

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    Re: bad news, bad news and more bad news!

    Oh that is so frightening for everyone.
    Delivering the baby at six months is risky, yes, but many do well at six months with proper preemie care. Is she going to be at Sunnybrook?

    Sending thoughts and prayers and Reiki your way. Your friend and her whole family are going to need a lot of support, both mental and physical.
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    Re: bad news, bad news and more bad news!

    I hope everything goes well. There are many preemies in my family, several were born very, very early. One, Austin, did not have a fully formed esophagus and epiglottis and was fed through a tube in his stomach for the first . . . 6? years of his life while they did many surgeries to construct the top of his throat. He also had issues with his lungs, several of the preemies in the family did. Austin weighed a little over a pound when born, was in the hospital for months before he could go home. Brandon didn't have fully functioning lungs, and had issues as a baby (including heart issues) but is now an athlete in school. He weighed around 3 pounds when he was born I believe. Since they obviously know the baby will be early it has a good chance of survival, it will be tough in the beginning. A long stay in NICU. I hope all goes well for your friends family, that the baby doesn't have to many complications and that they are able to beat the cancer.

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    Re: bad news, bad news and more bad news!

    Sending many prayers your friend's way. My sister was born at 5.5 months and other than a pathological inability to tell the truth about her age, turned out just fine!

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