Past pets; gone but not forgotten
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Thread: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

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    Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    Who are your past pets? I have a few, there was Callie she was a Tortoiseshell DSH (domestic short hair) cat, she was the best cat ever. She understood that other pets (mice, birds) were not for her to eat or attack, yet she caught wild mice, rats and birds a lot. She lived to be 13-14 years old we had her since I was 3 years old.

    Mandie, a yellow love bird with a light peach face. Best bird ever, she never bit, didnt make a lot of mess and I brought her outside all the time without a leash (in my yard only of course). I miss her everytime I hear or talk about birds.

    I also had many mice including C.C.(cookies and cream) aka the kangaroo mouse. Mars the red eyed brown mouse (first mouse I got and last one to die). Marbles the escape artist (she escaped from her cage and became a wild mouse in our house until we finally caught her...and then she bit me when I picked her up ). Marbles had babies once and we kept almost all of them one of which was Snowball (all white with red eyes).

    Before I had any animals (besides Callie) there was Ruby a lovebird same color as Mandie. She wasnt very nice and didnt enjoy being indoors (she died of flying into too many walls).

    I love them all and they all shaped my love for animals. Who were your past pets, have any pictures of them?
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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    My first dog was sinders an elkhound, he died when I was five and I had had him since I was born. He died at the age of 11 from cancer in his mouth, I can remember hand feeding him- we had to hand feeding with a spoon him because the cancer was in his tounge and he couldnt pick up the food.

    There is also Whiskie my 1st guinea pig who I had until I was 12. She died basically of old age- she was 7 1/2.

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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    My parents had a X-Scottish terrier when I was born. He died when I was 6-7yrs. My mum's aunt & uncle gave me a tabby kitten. Mum always told me the greyhounds got her. She disappeared at about 2. For a time I had a canary. I then had a beautiful Xbreed dog, Scamp, who disappeared when he was about 6. At that time I also had a 1/2 persian cat, Fluffy, who died after I got married, & a budgie.
    My husband had a 2 yo dog Jedda (who came from his parents 2 dogs), when we met. The 1st year we were married & lived in a flat I had 2 budgies I got from my cousin who bred them. The 1st one, a female, flew away when I was cleaning the cage & my husband left the door open. The next one, Bobby, a male became very friendly & talked quite a bit. He died at 7. Jedda died at 13. My husband brought me home a pure bred persian, Smokee from a friend who bred him. Next we got a XBorder collie from the RSPCA & I named him Scamp in memory of my 1st Scamp. Smokee didn't like Scamp bc he was bigger than Jedda, so he would go across the road to an elderly neighbour's house where I would go & get him each afternoon. He got killed crossing the road at nearly 9yrs. Scamp also got killed on the road while we were visiting my cousins. In the last 2 months we lost Bluey our 11 yo budgie & Big bird a rainbow lorikeet.
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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    I can't imagine ever forgetting a pet. I still think about my first pet that was in the home with my family when I was born. He was a smooth coated Dachshund, He was growly but I loved him. His issues were due to my parents lack of knowledge in training. Not to mention lack of time with 7 kids. Next was my Rottweiler/Airedale Terrier mix still had the lack of training problem. She was a VERY poorly behaved dog. I loved her so much. I assumed that it was the Terrier that gave her the somewhat vicious tendencies. When it was my turn to start picking dogs it was Rottweiler after Rottweiler and I have always been happy with the results. Each one has etched a special place in my heart. Each one is like a child in my life. I will never forget any of them. Unless of course old age takes my mind or something. Either way, They are permanently etched in my heart!

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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    I had a Golden Retriever name Goldie. She died when she was seven. We came back home one day and found her in the back yard. It was hard to deal with. We also had a St. Bernard who we only got to keep for 1 year until we moved. We had another Golden named Melody who bit so bad that we had to give her up right away. We had three cats Bailey, Fuhbar, Whitey. We had them for as probably 8 years. (Except Bailey we only had her 3 years.)
    I love my Golden and my Bichon Frise!

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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    I have had many pets and remember them all. 100% of them were rescues or strays that touched my heart. My most recent loss was last night with my beloved Angel. We got him 8.5yrs ago and he was an amazing dog even though he had been blind since he was two. None of my animals will ever be forgotten but Angel was my blind dog with second sight and he will forever have a special place in our hearts.
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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    One of my julli cories was found dead a few days ago. I had him for almost 2 years and had moved him from a 10 gallon to a 55 gallon tank so he could have more room and play with the other cories in that tank but I believe that the angelfish killed him because when I got back from out of town they were eating him.

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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    Grab a cup of coffee. I have had LOTS of pets that have left with a piece of my heart, some much more then others, but the others are still rememberd.

    CJ- He was at homw when I was born. Was a toy poodle my family rescued at the animal hospital. His owners left him there to be PTS becuase they didnt want him any more. So we got him He wa sa senior at the time (probably around 1982-1983). I was born in 85'. Cj passed away in 1989, I was devestated. That was my best friend. My family felt bad for me and told me he went to live on our uncles farm. After weeks of me begging to go see him they finally told me he had to be PTS becuase his body just couldnt deal with him any more. RIP CJ.

    Then came

    Lassie. She was a beutiful collie, I had her in 1989, still when senior CJ was alive. She was a amazing dog, my heart dog. Just thinking of her makes me sob like a baby still. She got e through so much, from my father walking out to moving 7 times (3 of those times was less then a 2 month long period) boyfriends, bad friendships, ect. She had to be PTS in 2002, July 10th 2002. She got so sick all of a sudden. The docters said they could operate and try and fix her. I said no thank you my old girl is 13 years old, and to be given a 50% chance she even amkes it isnt worth it to me. She would only get maybe anther year, and what then be on medication no way. She deserved to go in better dignity then that. So at 16 years old, I signed the wavier to have her put to sleep, it still kills me inside. RIP Lassie

    then there was.

    CJ the second. She came in to our lives in 1990. After CJ the first died. My family went and got a puppy poodle. So I named her (yes a female this time lol) CJ. She was another amazing dog. We were dog smart family, but not dog smart enough. Never got either dog fixed. And in 1992 I let the neighboors chiuahuah come in to what i thought was play with CJ. Well you can imagine what happend and 2 months later a litter was born, I will speak of the litter later. CJ was a great girl. At about age 3 or 4 we did get her spayed. At age 6 or 7 she just went completly blind. She was amazing through it. Walked the house like she could see all. If a stranger came hear her. Instead of cowering she would run at them in joy of meeting some one new, smoothering them in kisses. She was a great girl. And we had to put her down a year after Lassie in 2003. RIP CJ


    Sweetie came in, here is where I speak of the litter lol. Sweetie was born to our CJ. He had a sister who was still born. He was a fat puppy and even fatter adult. he loved his food. He loved to hike too though so I figure I helped a bit by hiking his fat butt around with me lol. He never lived up to his nae, he did with family. But come a stranger and the house is his, he may only be 15lbs, but he owned this place, and really intimadated every one, including other dogs that came in. with the exception of Jassmine my (now) Boyfriends families dog he loved her. He was a great snuggle buddy and my brothers best friend. We just put him to sleep last October after he just got so depressed after a while, and when we noticed he wasnt eating we figured he just wanted to give up. So we PTS. RIP Sweetie. I know your with your mom now, oh how you were a mommas boy, always protecting her and guidig her around when she became blind. I know at the bridge you dont need to guide her.

    wheewww ok I got through the dogs. lol
    so now I will just naem of other pets with out a large speech, unless they were just one of a kind amazing personalties for their kind.

    We always had and still have rabbits. My first was dale, when she died she got cremated (along with all 3 dogs, lassie CJ the second and Sweetie. i wish the first CJ could have been done) She died well over 10 years ago. But she still sits with her picture in her frame next to the dogs. She died young at age 2.

    Chip was another rabbit i had sweet heart and more. He lived to be around 8

    Midnight was a real clown.grump. She liked certain people. only. And she would let you know if she disliked you. only 3 people she liked. Me, my mom. And my friend Adrian. She was a free range rabbit. And one day my friend was staying over. In the middle of the night I woke up to a screaming. Midnight had jumped up on my friend and started growling at her. lol oh she was a funny girl. She is buried int he back yard now. She lived to be 11.

    Then Paige came to me. She only stayed for a few months. She was old when I adopted her. extreamly over weight and had a tumour in her right eye so was blind. very timid but sweet girl. She only died a few months ago.

    We had a few other rabbits come and go, none stayed to long becuase we ended up with to may so they went to my grandmas freinds farm where she keeps her bunnies as pets in a huge barn.

    Guano, the iguana. Now their was a great guy. He didnt live to long as I didnt know to much about the care for iguanas. He lived for 3 years, and his last 2 years he was paralyzed from the wasit down. My mom one day accidently dropped the cage door on him. He was a sweet heart and would sleep on my pillow.

    Goblin was another iguana, lived with Guana. After Guano died, I decided to re-home goblin to my ex boyfriend who loved him. I hated goblin he lived up to him name, was evil as the day was long. He would suck up to you act sweet let me carry him around and then out of no where would start hissing, tail swing and ite me lol. Not sure how old he was when he died, my ex-boyfriend did have him for years after I gave him to him, and he was 3 when I gave him away.

    Bakardi. Oh I could go on and on about Bakardi. He was my next iguana. he picked me. At the store I wanted a differnt iguana. When the guy opened the cage Bakardi literally jumped in to the box (the one you bring animals home in). I said what the heck I will just take him. He grew to be 5 feet. Lived free range in my room. Sweet as heck. I called him my scaly dog. Loved to beg for food. LOVED to sit on my sholder. I would take him for walks with me he would just sit on my sholder as I walked the dog. Took rides on Blazes back all over the house. ADORED taquito (A rat I had, I will speak of him). Those 2 would sit together. And Taquito would lick Bakardi like he would do a rat lol. I dont know why Bakardi died. It as summer and as I did so many summers I placed his cage outside for the day. Sprayed him with the house and fed him. Left for work came back 4 hours later and he was gone. Such a shock, I miss him everyday. he was 7ish

    Taquito. Was my frist rat I got him when I was 18. A very sweet huge guy. He lived the ripe old age of 2 and a half. Died from a all of a sudden stroke. I held him as his body literally turned to stone. He was still alive, just turning rock hard, like rigamortis does when a body dies. He didnt suffer to long and died in my hands about a half our later.

    Zero and Tux. Were 2 rats I took from my friend. She had them living in a gallon fish tank. totally unaceptable. I got them home and moved them to a 50 gallon tank. They were cool litle guys. they lived their 2 years.

    I'm going to take a break from this. It is getting hard to read the screen. I'm sure I have a million typos too lol. But I do have many more pets to put up.

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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    My baby passed away this passed February. His name is Max. I rescued him when he was about 4 years old. I miss him every day. RIP baby boy. I'll see you at the bridge.
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    Re: Past pets; gone but not forgotten

    Let's see...

    When I was in 3rd grade I had a cat named Tabby. My first pet. She died suddenly. I assume she had FeLV because she was never vaccinated that I know of.

    Abby was an Australian Sheppard that my mom got me from a friend of hers. She was a year old when I got her. When I was 12 my family moved to a new house. At the new house we had a tie out so Abby could go out and sun herself during the day. One day she was outside and was stolen. A week before, a man came to our house asking to buy her. My mother declined, saying she was her daughter's dog. I assume that this was the person who stole her. I shudder to think of what her fate was...I mourned her for a VERY long time. And still think about her often.

    Next, we rescued Susie. She was a beagle. She was elderly when we adopted her and died not all that long after.

    Kitty was a cat that my mom got for me as a surprise. I came home from school and my mom presented her to me. I had this cat for several years. She did die from FeLV. We had her put to sleep when she got really ill.

    After Kitty was PTS we adopted Elvis. Although this Elvis was a female cat. LOL!! She was probably 7 or 8 years old. She was very affectionate. My niece really loved this cat and we gave the cat to her. She lived out the rest of her years there and was much loved.

    Baby is the dog that my mom has now, She is ten years old. She was a rescue that I got at the shelter when she was 6 wks old. I was told that she was part Australian Sheppard, but who knows? Baby is an awesome dog. My mother is disabled now and Baby is a great companion for her since my mom isn't able to get out more.

    When I moved in with my boyfriend, he had several 4 dogs and 1 cat.

    Bessie, I have no idea what she was mixed with, but she was a small breed of some sort. She was blind. She died a few months after I met my boyfriend. She was quite old.

    Angus, wasn't even a year old yet when he died. He was hit by a car and killed.

    Hank, the cat....He was 17 when he was PTS. I lived with him for 3 years before he was PTS. He had stomach cancer. I don't think that I have grieved for another animal as much as I did for Hank. I literally felt like a close family member died.

    Charlie's next. My boyfriend didn't have him when I met him but Charlie showed up as a stray after we'd been together for sometime. He was a Cocker Spaniel. He was already trained and was a wonderful us. Charlie had a aggression problem toward strangers, but LOVED kids. He was hit by a car. I still miss him even though we didn't have him for long. Maybe a month or so.

    Montana, a Golden Retriever, was 15 when he died. He had cancer. It started having seizures as his cancer worsened. He died here at home in the middle of a seizure while the vet was on his way to our house to put him to sleep.

    He also had Dan then who is now 15. Although, Dan is still with the

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