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  • Pasarella ·
    Hi there.
    Can I ask for your help? I suppose you know something about it or you know some breeders who might know.Did an X-ray(yep,didn't want it,but did it anyway),which shows 4 large puppies.The problems is I don't know if they are too large to be born normally,and as no one her does X-rays for their pregnant bitches,no one can tell if they can.
    You can see the picture in the thread "planning our next litter" in the general discussions
    Gunsofnavarron ·
    As a professional handler, is there any advice you can offer on my shepherd? I suppose I'm just used to my lab and didn't realize shepherds were so sensitive. I did curtail the food aggression with me by hand feeding and offering treats as well, quietly. But, I'm afraid he's going to hurt one of my smaller dogs. We do feed him separately to eliminate the competition aspect, but I don't know what else to try. He is crate trained and only gets fed after he calms down. But that doesn't seem to make a difference. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    wvasko ·
    Don't have a clue as to what's going on with DF politics etc

    Just wanted to get a sorry message about Mirada to you as it's got to be a setback and more important a heartbreak.
    Inga ·
    Hi Jackie, Renee (from the shelter) is looking for a Boxer puppy. She just wants a really healthy pet with a great temperament. Tail cropped but no ears necessary. She is for the first time ever looking for a breeder as an option since the shelter is charging so much for the dogs in their care. She is hoping for a Brindle with a little flash and doesn't want to get a second mortgage to purchase her pup. Do you know of any decent breeders in the Green Bay area or a few hundred miles from here? I looked at Bentbrook but she wants $1,200 for her pups which is way out of the question for Renee. Any thoughts? Inga
    Foyerhawk ·
    Yes, Spirit was supposed to be. Sorry I disappeared. We had a tragic death in our family (my BIL) and a lot of other shit.
    ozzy29 ·
    Xeph I wanted to ask a couple of questions about your service dog but did not want to ask on the general forum. I do not want to intrude on your privacy but I wanted some information regarding your dog. I do not know a lot about a service dog that can help with mobility. I am asking because my daughter has serious mobility problems.
    Foyerhawk ·
    Thanks for asking! It's all good. Busy! My baby can walk... enough said! lol Plus, sadly, my service dog candidate did not pan out. In addition, one of my Goldens bit me so badly that my arm is still not right two months later. Needless to say, I know longer own that dog.
    Foyerhawk ·
    A local person, very nice. I was so impressed with the dogs!!! Of course I brought a puppy home. These were the most mellow, good natured, stable shepherds I think I've ever met in my life.

    Here's my little man!

    Foyerhawk ·
    Hopefully, if we connect. I'm being very picky! Only just the right match for me. Need a special doggy, to help with my anxiety and so forth. I can't wait! It's a LH working bred male. I just love your doggies- the picture with you and your buddy is so sweet.
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