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  • LittleAlfie ·
    Hi vbud, how is bolo getting on? alfie is doing great. he's potty trained to the one spot now however hasn't mastered the whole "i need to go outside" thing yet but has a spot in our utility he will go, if the door isn't open. How's the rest of the training going? we are going to take alfie for training classes. he's a great little man. he has loads of energy and gets out for a wlak everyday. cautious about how much to actually exercise him though. there's some lovely areas around us for walking so looking forward to when he's able for more. we are in galway, ireland. hope all is going well x
    LittleAlfie ·
    hey, sorry only saw your message now. we are getting on well. potty training is tough but he's getting better everyday. Alfie is 11 weeks now and he is just the best thing to happen to us :) how old is your little one, picture is really cute. where are ye based? x

    ps any tips on claw trimming?
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