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  • qaqa ·
    Dear friend!
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    Thank you very much!
    dif44magni ·
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    serenityslw ·
    Hi there new to this site...We have a 7 month old Norwegian Elkhound named Jackie. We got her when she was 4 months. She is a doll...Very energetic and playful of course~! We heard that they make good watch dogs and that many of them bark a lot. She barks constantly when company comes to our house. She jumps and barks for quite a while until people get in the house then she settles down. We have tried everything we can think of to get the barking under control but I have to wonder what we can do with this breed..she can be stubborn.My husband said get a bark collar but I don't want to do that.. any ideas?
    TeddieXRuxpin ·
    I know! Everytime I go back to Britches pictures I get this huge smile because I know what a great life he's got now. I don't know if you got my update thread, but his new family emailed me to let me know they can't get over what a great dog he is. How well trained and loving he is. He and Ruby love each other to pieces and she said once she gets a chance to figure out her computer she'd send me some pictures. That was a couple of weeks ago, but i'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be sent soon. :)
    Woofy<3 ·
    So awesome you live in Duluth! We go there everyday! I live in Billing Park, so Duluth is like an inch away! xD

    Yeah, Zeke had been adopted a couple months ago, and well, now is back. :(
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