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  • ThoseWordsAtBest ·
    She's MUCH better. We've got her on 5mg of Prednisone once a day and are weaning her off it. The vet said by the time her pills are done it will be cooler out and we can determine if her allergies are seasonal, or food related. Her fur feels normal, she is no longer itching, and she has a new best friend, a Pitty that will play with her for hours. In fact, the Pit owners are discussing adopting her if we determine whether or not we want to adopt her out.
    I ended up writing that woman back two weeks ago, and she never responded. Surprise surprise.
    ThoseWordsAtBest ·
    That is how it seems, anyway. She said she's been trying to get pregnant for months, just found out she is, and bam, can you take the dog back? She NEVER mentioned any of this when she adopted her.

    I know my boyfriend loves her. She LOVES him. She's perfectly fine with me, but she follows him every where and is constantly trying to climb in HIS lap. :)
    ThoseWordsAtBest ·
    LOL This was so confusing for me. I had no idea about friend requests/messages!

    Sadly, Magpie is getting returned to me and I'm really angry about it. We saw her a couple weeks ago to dog sit and she was SO happy. Then the woman who adopted her mails me a week ago and tells me that she's pregnant and that she "knows she's great with kids, but I want to focus only on the baby." She also just told me she's been trying for months. She's had Magpie for about a month. She obviously had no intentions of keeping her if she had a baby!

    Don't think I haven't already casually suggested to my boyfriend we keep her. ;)
    Darkmoon ·
    He's doing great. One very VERY hyper ball of energy. That dog won't stop going! No home or rescue yet. Every shelter and rescue I've come across wants a TON of money to put him in. If I had that type of money I'd put the money into him and just keep him until a home is found.
    Snuggles ·
    Snuggles is doing fine and she is on the same diet food as your dog. The poor baby. She tried to go to the bathroom eleven times on a one mile walk. Sounds like yours is fine also. Maybe it is something with the little breeds.
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