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  • Canyx ·
    So you're kind of the coolest person ever. Just sayin.
    Props to your tattooist too! I especially love the shadow effects! That's some SWEET ink!!!
    LenaCara ·

    I was just wondering if you had any pictures of your dogs you could post for us. I keep seing your signiture and I would love to see those dogs better, they look absolutely adorable :)
    Labmom4 ·
    Hello! Have another hair question for you. (so nice to have a hair stylist at my fingertips. lol. Hope you dont mind :))
    So when I color my hair, the medium brown is too light, the dark brown is too dark, yet I dont want to mess with trying to find the 'right' color in a different brand. I have to buy 2 boxes of color anyhow since I have so much hair, so can I just mix the 2 colors together? The medium and the dark brown?
    Thank you!
    Labmom4 ·
    I kept meaning to tell you that your advice about my daughter's too-dark hair color worked. Yeah! We used the Color Oops. You saved me a ton of money. Thanks!
    paytonsmommy ·
    Well, all the plans are made, my little Marcy is off to her angel home this Saturday! We can not thank you enough for your hard work helping out a pup you haven't even met. My family and shelter thank you so much for allowing us to give this deserving girl a chance to thrive! I can't thank you enough, and I hope you keep up the good work...this is truly your calling!
    paytonsmommy ·
    Thank you for your prompt reply! My work info is Dane County Humane Society, 5132 Voges Rd., Madison, WI 53718, www.giveshelter.org. My direct work info is 608-838-0413 ext. 103, [email protected] I am having difficulty with attaching even the photos here, but I could but all on discs and send them to whomever might be able to help, If you want to give me some contact options, I can do the work from here! THANK YOU!
    paytonsmommy ·
    (3 of 3 messages)
    After all that rambling...I am contacting you because you were successful with placing your blind/deaf puppy. Being her age, I am not sure about spaying her at this time, but she definitely has had veterinary attention, and through our shelter, we can provide all she would need before she would head off to her new home. I would also be willing to transport her wherever that kind soul would be located. If you have any suggestions or leads, I would be more than grateful for the guidance. Thank you-Stephanie Schultz (I have pictures and video to send to whoever wants them! They were just too large to attach to this email.)
    paytonsmommy ·
    (2 of 3 messages)
    We have 3 other dogs in the house, and outside of the hurdle we are finding in training her, my other dogs are becoming quite frustrated due to the rebel-like attitude they perceive her having. They have all played together, but it's that dog-on-dog relations and conversations that are 'falling on deaf ears'. I am trying to have my dogs be more tolerant with her, but their warnings are quickly turning into snaps, and I am concerned about my dog's attitudes, and her developing unnecessary negative associations. So, we are finding that we are not the best home for her, but we are faced with the situation that she has no other options right now.
    paytonsmommy ·
    Hello! (This is going to be 1 of 3 messages)
    I have found you due to a google search, and because I am looking for a family for a little blind and deaf 7 week old Samoyed puppy. I work at Dane County Humane Society in Madison, Wisconsin, and she was brought to us by a couple who claimed a Samoyed wandered onto their farm, had a litter of pups, and walked off. They had found homes for the rest of the litter, but due to her 'issues' thay had no where else to turn. So, hearing the talk here, depending on her ability to live a regular life, euthanasia was already a topic. I stepped in as a foster home, because I had to at least let this little girl show us what she's got. She is micropthalmic (having tiny little eyes), and seemingly completely deaf. I have had her at my house for a week and a half, and she already gets around beautifully, knows where the door is to go outside, and is quite the fiesty little lady!!
    Thracian ·
    Ha ha. I was a bit startled with the whole friend request idea when I first saw it too.

    So, Magpie was basically a backup in case she couldn't have kids. Unbelievable. Actually, it's all too believable. :( I don't blame you for being angry.

    Maybe your bf will be swayed when she's back in your house.
    Thracian ·
    Just read your post in the thread about Little One and didn't want to hijack it . . . what? Magpie is coming back to you? What happened? It seemed like such an ideal set up!

    On the other hand, now's your chance to keep her . . . ;)
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