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  • cookieface ·
    Just want to tell you that your posts have been very helpful to me; I'm especially enjoying your recent comments. Thanks!
    KuroSaya ·
    Hi there are you still looking for a shiba inu breeder?

    Hi jinx kennel in Wisconsin is a good one and if she is too far she might be able to refer you to one closer to you.

    I've met her and her shiba inu at the Madison WI shiba inu picnic and she's very knowledgeable and the group of shiba inu adults and older pups she brought were nice and friendly.
    Allyfally ·
    Hello fellow Kentuckian. Pardon my nosy-ness, but did you get your Shibas from a breeder or a rescue? I've always wanted a shiba.
    Sazbones ·
    Thank you for responding. I'm not really clear on what a short walk would be. 4 blocks???
    She's pretty hyper and just now a year old.
    What do you recommend? By the way, I noticed you are in Kentucky. I'm in Nashville and grew up on the Ky border in Evansville IN. Sooooo, Hey! Neighbor!!
    Gracie's Mom
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