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  1. My boy an embarrassment to his breed?

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    My dog is a mutt, probably at least 3 or 4 different breeds lol, he's also at that age (15 months old) where, I think, he's starting to become more dominant and territorial, anyway... Our neighbors dog has attacked my dog 3 different times, and my chihuahua once. (I live in a gated community...
  2. Strange growth Vet Update

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    I think it was like hypersomething or hystersomething or something like that lol, I don't know, it seemed longer than that, but you might be right.
  3. Strange growth Vet Update

    General Dog Forum
    I was ready to cut something off when I went in lol
  4. Strange growth Vet Update

    General Dog Forum
    I made this thread a few days ago... http://www.dogforums.com/2-general-dog-forum/45386-strange-growth.html I was told the thing under his eye is nothing at all, so that was good news. Then he told me the growth was a benign growth that was going to disappear in a couple of months. I can't...
  5. Dog Barks at me

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    I'm guessing that he's bored, and wants to play, or he wants to go outside. He's stressed for some reason, or he wants something and he's trying to tell you something. Again, that's all just a guess lol
  6. Strange growth...

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    Thanks, lol
  7. Science Fair Project - Left or Right Pawed

    General Dog Forum
    My dog normally gives his right paw first when I ask for it. Sometimes he'll give me his left though and if it misses my hand he'll put it back down on the ground and give me his right paw.
  8. Strange growth...

    General Dog Forum
    A week or two ago I noticed this weird growth on his ear and I've been watching it closely. It seemed to have appeared out of no where, and didn't get much larger, if at all, but it hasn't shrunk either. It's also fairly hard, like it's callused. Monday I'm going to call the vet and make an...
  9. How..horrible!

    General Dog Forum
    I just looked up a video on youtube and wow...I think that lady is seriously insane. I don't understand why you would breed a cat, or anything, purposefully that has basically a physical handicap, that really says a lot about her personality I think...
  10. Advice/Experience in building a dog park?

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    That's true, at mine we have a 6' foot fence and I've never seen a dog get over it, or even heard about a dog that has gotten over it. I've seen small dogs sneak into the big dog side though lol
  11. They Killed a Cow!!

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    Behind our dog park is a fenced in field and that has about 3 cows in it, and anytime they're near the fence all the dogs get excited and start barking at them, hairs go up, etc...
  12. Advice/Experience in building a dog park?

    General Dog Forum
    I'd say having good drainage is one of the more important things. During the summer you really don't want a bunch of standing rain, people won't want to come, and dogs will have a pretty big chance of getting worms.
  13. Advice/Experience in building a dog park?

    General Dog Forum
    The best thing you could do is require a membership, and to get the membership you have to pay a small fee like $5 a year(or more depending on the funds you might need), and then your dog also has to pass a temperament test. That's what the charge would go toward, taking the test and being able...
  14. What Is Up With This???

    General Dog Forum
    They say dogs don't know spite, but I swear my dog use to be spiteful when he was a puppy.
  15. Friendly, Observation

    Off Topic
    The entire issue you have is that somebody told Pepper to get a ride to the shelter so she could have her dog cremated...Her mom obviously didn't care for the dog very much if she just wants to leave the dog outside on the porch until summer. She SHOULD get the dog cremated if that's what she...