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  • sittingpretty ·
    Hello Spicy_VV, I want to thank you again for your permission to use some of your beautiful dog photos on my website. I hope you get a chance to see where I put them. I'm still not through building pages but, I am happy to see a small stream of traffic trickle in everyday.
    My goal is to help people understand how important dog nutrition is and to get them to stop feeding their pets poisonous dogfood thats so easily sold on the market today. Again, thank you and may God bless you and your family.
    sittingpretty ·
    Hello Spicy!_VV, I noticed and loved your "family dog picture" you posted in the "nutrition thread". I sent a message in the "general forum" asking for permission to post some of your dog pictures onto my new website, http://www.dogfood-nutrition-guide.com.

    I am sending this personal message because I can't stop thinking of your family dog photo. Your response is greatly appreciated.


    zimandtakandgrrandmimi ·
    hey spicy...did you see my new pretty baby....she is a littermate of a dog I sent you a photo of one time. We got this one away from the same owners the neglected the crap out of her sister.....kiss nediva and santana for me..
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