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  • Canyx ·
    Hey Shell! Good to see you still around! The US is AMAZING but you knew that already :)
    I seriously thought of contacting you for a hike, but (no surprise) I ran out of time on my trip. There is so much left to explore and I sort of fell in love with West-of-the-Rockies in general. Hope you and Chester, and your fosters I imagine, had a great summer!
    Rebecca49 ·
    Hi Shell- I came across you on one of the collar forums- and I just wanted to say first- beautiful dog. And second- have you ever heard of a black mouth cur? - I thought my girl was rhodesian mix too until recently when someone mentioned she looks like a BMC.. It's also a hunting breed.
    Nuclear_Glitter ·
    Hey, I know one time you mentioned a flea pill your rescue used but I can't remember the name or thread you posted it in. My mom and I are allergic to the scent of the application I use so we are looking for an alternative.

    I tried to just message thus to you but it said your inbox was full. Sorry.
    ecureuil2 ·

    I am like you an animal lover.

    There is a dog contest at the www.heraldtribune.com website. My wonderful poodle is registered to participate but she does not get vots as we do not know many people.

    If you want to vote for her, her name is Iris and she is #43 (if you write her name in the Search space, you will find her quickly). You have until Sunday 24th, midnight to vote for her. She really deserves to be among the finalists.

    Thankyou for your help and if you have some friends who can help...

    Ecureuil (that means Squirrel)
    Canyx ·
    Hey there! Chester looks like a real beauty!
    I was wondering if you know what mix he is? I just saw your avatar and his facial structure looks a lot like my dog's. Mine is part lab but everyone has always speculated as to what the other parts could be : )
    firefighter225 ·
    Thank you for that info...
    In my research, which has been very fun and enlightening, I have come to a close match to Rookie. I have learned all sorts of new breads that I have never once heard of.
    I think he might be a Catahoula. But now looking at the Redbone...I cant decide...
    I guess it dosent matter much just inquiring minds want to know...
    Thanks for your info
    firefighter225 ·
    Shell...sorry to bother you.
    I was just wondering what breed your puppy is...
    my wife and i just rescued a puppy and he looks very simalar in stature, ears, eyes and face to yours...
    we were just trying to find the breed he is mixed with.

    Thank you
    backerbabe ·
    Hey Shell,
    I have to compliment you on your knowledge of my favorite breed. Not everyone has your insight & understanding. I have a farm N of Lexington. Where abouts are you in the state if you don't mind me asking? We are new to this area, & opportunities to socialize my new pup are limited in the boonies. Also if you have limited acreage, this is a safe place for a 'backer to run off leash safely. It's a very long way to a road in any direction, & the creek & pond edges are pretty facinating.
    luckytx2001 ·
    Shell. Thanks for showing some reasonableness on my post. See my new reply. I am quite certain that most of these folks have never lived, nor probably seen a farm, complete with farm cows, horses, sheep, and working dogs who are not behind chainlink fences.
    dee7973 ·
    My puppy looks alot like yours. The vet did tell me she looked like Rhodesian Ridgeback when I brought her there the first time... The person that had her before me (they didnt treat her right so I bargained with them to get her away from them) they told me she was boxer/rottie mix, but now looking at your dog I am thinking twice about what the vet said and thinking she is a pure MUTT, lol.. If I knew how to put pictures in this message I would ;)... Thanks for the advice...
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