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  • spanielorbust ·
    Webster is gorgeous. I LOVE his bat ears. I have one husky mix here with one bat ear like his, and the other up and down as she so decides it seems. Her ears were what originally drew her to me at the pound.

    sparkle ·
    Please do not take this wrong ..
    but your rebuttal of perspective was extraordinary and I truely am not attempting to kiss your ass (but would shake your hand) but I wish I could be that articulate.

    WOW! such a gift of enlightening education for me and I am sure others!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!

    PS I will never want to get on your bad side.....LOL
    Renoman ·
    By the time you read this you'll be all moved in. Hope it went well and things are starting to calm down. Miss you~ Hurry Back!!!
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