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  • Kathyy ·
    This is how my basic recipe looked. I changed the amount and type of meat each time I cooked checking to see if the fat was okay, she would get upset tummy if got too much fat the last year. If you join ND and put this into your recipes you can change the number of servings, the amount of any of these ingredients and add more you might want to feed. This food is completely unsuitable for a healthy dog. It is extremely low in many minerals.

    Good luck, if you can deal with the raw bits it is better. I think I could now but 8 ounces of raw chicken with no bone didn't seem worth it to me so I cooked. Cooked food has more smell and I could serve it warmed up.

    I sneaked a chicken foot to Sassy every now and then even though one was about as much phosphorus for a whole day and 10% of her calories! I gave her raw beef ribs to gnaw on as she didn't get much bone off too.
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