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  • Love's_Sophie ·
    Hey Rough,

    I want to tell you some really sad news, and explain why I may not be on for a while.

    Last night my horse Pride passed away in a freak pasture accident. I haven't told very many people, nor have I posted in the RB or anything yet...I'm not really ready to; I'm so torn up about it. The barn owners are torn up about it, everyone I know is torn...all we've been doing is crying and asking God why. I can only hope that he's got a really special horse in mind, because it's going to take one to heal up the hole in my heart. I ache so terribly! I just saw him yesterday...bathed him, took pictures of him after making him all shiny; I think I spent 5 hours at the barn with him...it almost seems surreal that he's not here anymore; like I'm in a bad dream that I haven't woken up from yet. Its weird because I had been thinking about how blessed I have been that I've never had to say good bye to any of my equine friends yet; and here it is...and unfortunately, I wasn't even there to say good bye; how much deeper that makes the blade cut. Anyway...yeah...from one horse lover to another. Thanks for your friendship here on dogforums...I've appreciated it; if we ever wind up in close vicinity together, you can bet I'll want to meet ya in person.

    Amanda Jean
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