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  • Luvmyfurbabies ·
    I appreciate the nice welcome, however, I don't appreciate the response from you, the moderator. What I posted was NOT spam and being that this is an open forum, I thought that not only would another (educated) opinion be appreciated by forum/loving pet owner members, that it would certainly be welcomed by a respectable community. The last posted reply to that thread was less than 3 months ago!! Really? Is that what is considered spamming?

    If the public is not allowed to comment, please require everyone to go through a much more thorough sign-up process. That way little nobodys like myself can't make themselves heard....I found this thread via a search on Google for Weruva quality control issues. I didn't realize my opinion wouldn't matter.
    Casaba ·

    I have a new 5 month old lab puppy. I have had her for one week. We have been feeding her canned ID because she had giardia/diarrhea. Now that her stools are getting closer to normal, I want to start to transition her to a quality kibble. What do you think of Orijen and the high protein issue? Also, would you consider labs a "large breed?"
    gamehunter99 ·
    hey i just joined this website and i am trying to find out how to train my bassets to run rabbits ive read alot of your post and you seem to really know what you are talking about i have some questions if u dont mind my oldets is about 1year and 2 months the other is 10 or 11 months are they to old to start and if not how should i start them i have scent, i have a roll cage and i have gated off a pretty good starting pen also when i bought them i made sure there purebreds but never thought to see if they came from a hunting line. they probley were not bred from bassets that are out hunting all the time but i dont think its ben bred out of them either is it worth a shot thank you
    PawPawRay ·
    Just joined today and posted a hi to everone. Tried to post a pic of my boxer Sasha on the post by using the img kink on the posting thread and a box came up asking for the ulr. When I put the ulr of my Flicker page where her pic is located and previed it only the writing came up not the pic. I see other threads with pic in them. What am I doing wrong. Is ther a page of directions for this forum?
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