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  1. Generalized Demodex Mange

    Dog Health Questions
    I had the hardest time finding the ProMeris but I finally found some in the XL dose. The ProMeris came in the mail yesterday! I called the vet and they took me right away. They were so nice and split the larger doses to accommodate her size, I was even happier when they did not charge me :). I...
  2. pimple type rash

    Dog Health Questions
    Willow has a pimple type rash on her female part and her lower stomach. She is constantly licking so I know it's bothering her. What would you suggest is the best thing to help with rashes, especially since it's in such a sensitive area? I was just at the vet because of her mange, she did...
  3. Generalized Demodex Mange

    Dog Health Questions
    I actually ended up taking her back to the vet, she had a reactions to the ivomec (throwing up, diarrhea and lathargic). I did not take her back to the same vet since I really didnt like them in the first place. They would do tests and procedures before telling me how much it would cost, they...
  4. Hello from MA

    Attention All New Members
    Yes, my Avatar is Willow and Thank you :). Glad I found this sight!
  5. Generalized Demodex Mange

    Dog Health Questions
    My poor Puppy was diagnosed with Demodex Mange. The vet says her immune system hasn't caught up yet with all the stress she went thru. I adopted her from TN and she was transported to MA. She was vet checked twice before I got her with a clean bill of health. Of course I have her for 4 weeks...
  6. Hello from MA

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, My name is Regina and I adopted a 4 month old Puppy named Willow from Tennessee. She is such a sweet heart. The shelter thinks she is a Border Collie/ Corgi mix. Glad to be here, have so many questions :). Nice meeting you all :wave:!