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  • sammys14 ·
    i saw your question about the little schnoodle puppy you got but for some reason there are no respond button .....if you didnt get any help i could help ....ive been training dogs for over a year at my job i also trained a puppy there and i also have a new puppy at home so if you didnt get the answers you were searching from other members i would be glad to help you :p just send me a private message :p i am new on this site by the way so im not so sure how it works and i dont even know if youll see this message hopefully you will. :)
    queeniek ·
    I have a around a 3 month old schnoodle puppy. Every morning I wake up @4:15 for work and take her outside. I have read take her out per hour with months of age. I tried this and she runs back in? So now at 4:15 am and she goes and I put her back in her crate and she falls back asleep. When I put her back in ( in bathroom with doggie gate) at that point I do not lock the crate. She has a puppy pad down in there if she has to go. I leave to work and the the responsibility then becomes my fathers (he lives with me @my house). Well he wakes up a little before 8am, takes her out and feeds her etc.
    On the weekend, I can hear her crying @6:45am. I wake, take her outside, she does her business.
    I am leaving out of town for 4 days. Do you think she will stop her crying and just use the puppy pad? I can't trust that my father will wake with her as I do ( he's a bit older). Or should I consider boarding her and not take the risk of my potting training going to the dogs?
    Advice ?
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