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  • dif44magni ·
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    knkdsoy93 ·
    Hi Ms. Poodleholic, your dogs are beautiful. I was looking for foods I can feed my dogs and came across your suggestions. I have been looking at various sites and noted one....here is the link http://www.starbreezes.com/11/foodsafe.html that NUTMEG can cause seizures and death.....It indicates about halfway down the page. Just sending as an FYI.
    tessa ·
    I like your idea of not plucking ears. everytime they go to a groomer, and I have tried different ones, they get yeast in their ears. I am interested in the mixture of boric acid, vinegar, and witch hazel or whatever for the wash of the ears and in their water? I own two standards and a maltese... the standards live with the yeast so much in vet costs for all the different stuff. and its always the same. the next month its there again.
    emilyspup ·
    i'm new to the forum and new to puppy ownership in general, but i just wanted to thank you for what you said on the "i don' tknow what to do at this point" thread. Like you and lots of others, my husband and i work full time and we can't quit our jobs just because we have little madison. i really appreciated the 'drop the guilt' comment, because it's what i struggle with the most, even though i know that my whole life my parents worked and we had dogs...

    so anyway, just wanted to say thanks. know you we're talking to me, but i heard it anyway :)
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