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  • aero4ever ·
    Hi Claire,

    I had no idea of disc issue until after clusters in August, had hip weakness & scissored legs when walked. Vet thought it was increase in PB, after 2 wks vet sent us to get MRI.

    Disc issue is at T13-L1. Said nothing they can do. No meds prescribed, maybe because Shiloh doesn't seem to be in pain or it may cause issue with seizure meds. Need to ask vet, but past 9 months concern is getting seizures under control.

    Shiloh usually puts two legs up and slowly gets on the couch, in car, etc. I built ramp to get on bed but he jumped over it and was afraid he'd hurt himself more by avoiding it. Want to build stairs for the bed but don't think I have enough room (He's 75 lbs).

    Right now he doesn't seem affected except leg scissoring & occasionally hips are weak, it's worse after seizures.

    How big is Pippin? Where is damage located?

    If you'd like to email address is [email protected]

    Best wishes to you & Pippin.

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