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  • Darla Giselle ·
    I see you are in college and own a doggie. How do you handle caring for a dog and going to school? Do you both stay in a dorm? I'm browsing future colleges for myself, and it is all based on how I can properply care and make my dog happy while I'm in college. LOL I also want to add a second pup in my second year of college? Do you ever have any free time for you dog? LOL
    pittsabowawa ·
    Thank You. Actually I didn't know it was a song. I read it when I was surfing for some quotes to go in a paper for a class and I thought it pretty much summed up how I feel about Bella.
    Foyerhawk ·
    I LOVE the song you quoted in your siggie. It just touches me, makes me cry every time. So beautiful. It is my song for my heartdog.
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