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  1. Anyone feed this?

    Dog Food Forum
    I've never heard of this brand but I tend to like family businesses based in Texas. They're next door to rendering plants so they have first dibs on meat with low freight costs, hence generally lower prices to the consumer. In fact Merrick began as a rendering plant, cleverly branched out into...
  2. A dog that whines non--stop

    Dog Training Forum
    I feel your pain. One of the sweetest dogs I've ever had whined constantly for no discernible reason. I never did find a way to stop it other than putting him in a different room with the door closed and then he would bark. :) Well, the one thing that *seemed* to stop it was one of those battery...
  3. Five food options at local feed store. Which one?

    Dog Food Forum
    On the hunting dog forums in which I lurk, Sportmix is very popular with people who can't afford Pro Plan or Pro Pac, along with Diamond Naturals. These folks almost never feed "boutique" brands, although Canidae and TOTW have a minority following. I think maybe because they like to shop at feed...
  4. 25 most unhealthy breeds

    Dog Health Questions
    Insurance company Petplan has a feature on the relative health of various breeds in their monthly magazine. They use a meter and don't compare breeds. I think their information is pretty accurate based on the thousands of claims they see. A quick way to get an idea of how healthy they consider...
  5. How to break the diarrhea cycle?

    Dog Food Forum
    Two of the three dogs I've had suffered from chronic diarrhea so I know it's no fun and can be very frustrating. Both of them suffered from intestinal inflammation rather than "allergies" and we did try elimination diet's and Hill's z/d. My newest dog has been eating Pro Plan 30/20 along with...
  6. Five food options at local feed store. Which one?

    Dog Food Forum
    Just my two cents but I've fed both Merrick and Taste of the Wild and had better results with Pro Plan Sport Performance, which is All Life Stages and can be fed to puppies. I fed it to my dog starting at nine months. By "better results" I mean maintaining weight with muscle on very little food...
  7. Eukanuba Puppy Food?

    Dog Food Forum
    I only started feeding Pro Plan last year and have only used Sport Performance (no shreds) but my experience is the opposite of yours. I only need to feed my very active 15 lb terrier 1/4 cup twice a day and she only poops 2-3 times a day. Her stools are always firm and tiny. I have fed Orijen...
  8. Adopted dog--he sleeps a lot

    Attention All New Members
    Yes, in my experience.
  9. Need inexpensive clipper for sanitary trim

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Thanks for the links!
  10. Need inexpensive clipper for sanitary trim

    Dog Grooming Forum
    That's worth a try. Thanks. I would have to buy scissors also and I'm a little afraid of hurting her if she moves. Any suggestions as to scissors? I guess I thought of a clipper because whenever my vet handles it they always use clippers.
  11. Need inexpensive clipper for sanitary trim

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My Jack Russell cross is very wash and wear and I never have to have her groomed professionally. However I would like to trim the hair around her anus and I need a cheap clipper for that. Could someone recommend one? Also is there a particular kind of blade I need for this purpose. Thanks.
  12. PH in Shampoo... someone explain why it is or isn't important?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My groomer has been in business for 20 years and is also a breeder. I asked her what shampoo she recommended and instead of suggesting a brand she uses in the salon, she insisted that Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo was the best thing to use. No idea what the ph is but I would imagine it's very...
  13. Is my veterinarian wrong?

    General Dog Forum
    I see that you are in Canada. It makes sense that Acana would be less expensive in the country where it is manufactured. My price comparison was based on US prices. Amazon and Chewy significantly discount Pro Plan, Orijen/Acana not so much. The OP also seems to be in Canada since Kasik is a...
  14. Is my veterinarian wrong?

    General Dog Forum
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have fed numerous "holistic" "ultra super premium" kibbles to several dogs over 14 years (Orijen, Merrick, Holistic Select, Wellness, Wysong, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, etc.) In fact I used to rotate brands with every bag. All I got for my...
  15. Let's Talk Pet Insurance

    Dog Health Questions
    Different companies handle pre-existing conditions differently. Some will exclude very broad categories of illness such as "digestion related." Depending on the nature of the illness other companies will make an exclusion temporarily and more narrowly. Obviously the second type of company is...